Dismantling Returns

When dismantling buildings or stations/etc., there should be a full refund for the resources used, or destroyed. Like, in case you place something in a bad spot, and you need to make it again. Or make room for other stuff.

So this way, you can easily craft it again and redo it without going out for farming resources.

It might be intended this way, but it’s a thought.

Unless they made dismantling cost you experience points, this would lead to exploits. It’d have to give you back the completed item instead of component parts.

What exploits would this make?

What exploits would this make?

You would be able to disassemble stuff, get all the mats back and then make it again…This would give you an endless supply of exp unless you took away xp from crafting.

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Oh. Well, never mind then. lol.

i agree, this should be a thing, but like they said it should just return the iten to the inventory, i mean you would break down a chair at home to move it to another room why so in the game then?

Or do a survival sandbox game world first, create an experience deficit pool. Rather than take away already-earned experience which could cause all kinds of problems with the character system, instead create a debt pool of dismantled objects.

Future crafting would have to repay the debt pool before new experience can be earned via crafting… But this means that dismantled objects can return full material costs.

Suddenly Conan Exiles would have the least frustrating build system out there.

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damn fine idea, wow really a character limit to post sheesh

Yeah, as you post more and muck about on the forums you’ll have your restrictions lifted.

yea like i recently unlocked adding pictures

What about return to inventory options then? I always wanted to have that options for all kinds of things.

I’d be happy if things you think you should be able to pick up you could pick up but that is a different issue.

No I fully support the idea of getting back full materials if it debts me XP, the foundation under one of my wheels of pain is all kinds of screwed up due to minor shifts in the ground height. I would love to be able to pick that up and fix everything even if it did mean I need dismantle and then rebuild it.

Actually that entire building is messed up but I plan to replace the entire thing it is just the wheel of pain that I don’t want to destroy till I have to.

I would like to see it where you can hold to pick up entire foundation to relocate if you miss calculate building area. This way you can move and turn entire foundation structure to get the position and location you intended for.

As far as returned to inventory. Maybe not return mats. But just return the item. I don’t think you get exp for placement. I could be wrong but I haven’t noticed any gain in exp for placement.

I just “prototype” with sandstone buildings. Then upgrade after I’ve lived with the changes for a while.

Its a thing about anything with an inventory; putting a container with items inside a container (your inventory) is exploitable. I wish they could just add a check that only enables picking it up if it’s empty.

I’d like to know why I can’t pick up that tanning rack I just put down half way through a wall, but I can pull a map room out of my pocket and place and remove it as I please.

Not only as noticed how this would lead to infinite XP (craft, place, dismantle, re-craft), it also allows you to free of charge (except time) just pack up your base and move. I disagree with the suggestion. Alternative would be that 10 seconds after you have placed something you can pick it up from the wheel menu (as an already built component).

How about a scaffolding tier? As in tier 0.
Costs nothing to create, but you need to have the repair hammer in your inventory.
There’s no object collision with tier 0 so it can’t be exploited. E.g. you can walk straight through it.
It could be a white, translucent material. E.g. tower blueprints in Fortnite.
Then you could upgrade it like you would normally.
And you would also have the option to upgrade everything in one go.

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Surprisingly those items are the ones I am talking about, I am ok with having to empty an item before being allowed to pick it up if that meant we could pick it up.

the items I have issues in this instance with are things like the Glowing stick type torches, the wall one and standing one can’t be moved or picked up even though the fire based ones can be. they always say this item is damaged and won’t let me retrieve them.