Dismantling Bench no longer operates automatically, with controller

Basic Info:

Platform: Epic Games Store
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1750
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

Dismantling Bench no longer automatically places to-be-dismantled items in the Dismantle field when using a controller.
This has been going on since Age of Sorcery chapter 3 released, but I didn’t bring it up since y’all had bigger game-breaking problems to address. So previously, being in the Dismantling Bench inventory window, a PC controller user could press Right Trigger (Xbox-equivalent controller) on a to-be-dismantled item, and it would be sent to the Dismantle field as should be expected.
Since AoS.3 dropped, it’s been going to the Inventory field instead, where the already-dismantled materials are. Currently to operate correctly, one has to select the to-be-dismantled item with the A button, navigate to an empty slot in the the Dismantled field (at least 2 directional moves, up to 6 moves depending which slot is open), and press A again to deposit it. And if another item happens to finish dismantling as you’re pressing A, the selection field snaps to the next item beginning dismantling, and finishing that A press ends up just replaces the dismantling item, resetting that progress and making the player do the process over again. It’s quite annoying. Could we get this set back to how it used to be?

Bug Reproduction:

Use controller on PC
Have to-be-dismantled item
Interact with Dismantling Bench (or Improved Dismantling Bench, same issue)
Use RT (Right Trigger) to send to opposite panel
Item appears in Inventory field (post-dismantled field)

Its annoying and time consuming. I hate it. Why they are touching things that works fine
Maybe game been getting too much stuff to handle and thats why these changes, that the game can still run somehow. I dont know, they say nothing

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