Dividing assets in clans

I am a casual player on an Official PVE server. I play in a clan composed of a group of friends I met in game. We each have our own bases and assets. The new clan thrall limit not work for us. Consequently, I am looking for a way to disband/remove ourselves from the clan but be able to retain assets between us.

As far as I know, I don’t think this can be achieved. Does anyone know of any way that we can do this?

Unless new functionality is added to accomplish this, then there’s no way to separate out buildings or thralls that have already been placed.

Your best bet will be to register another account on Steam (or PSN, etc.), create a new alt character, and have the alt create a new clan.

Given that the new character will be low-level, you’ll want to use your main to build them a couple dozen T3 foundations, a Vault, and several large chests so they can place them down in the new clan. Then have your clanmates in your existing clan start transferring items to your alt (by dropping them) from the bases that were yours.

If you want to keep your base in the same location, then that will entail dismantling it and rebuilding as part of the new clan.

NOTE 1: In order to join your current character to the new clan made by your alt, you’ll first need to login as your alt, add another friend to that clan and transfer leadership to them. Once they are leader, they can then invite your main character and transfer leadership back to you.

You’ll then repeat this process to help your other friends who need to separate out their belongings.

NOTE 2: Personally, my intention is to wait until the new patch drops to see if Funcom goes with full per-player limits instead of the tiny incremental boosts. One can always hope, right?


The best suggestion I can give is to get them to all consolidate in one base so that you can have all your capped thralls in one area, otherwise each base will only be able to have 20 thralls in it, Either that or disband the clan and go on your separate ways.

If I were you I would get everyone together, choose the best and most developed base and have everyone else pick up what they can and move in together, it makes more sense for clans to have a main shared base anyway imho.

Except for the fact that everyone in PvE wants to be able to experience the creative freedom of building their own base. i.e. The whole reason why many PvE players play the game at all.


If I were to judge things solely by the forum discussions (which might be a mistake to do), it looks like the consensus is “if you want creative freedom, play single player, co-op or private server”. A bit extreme, but I don’t expect people to change their minds about that.

Thank you, this is great advice. I will also hope that they Funcom will come around but I’m not confident

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