Question on Clans and player Ownership

I created a clan on PVE-C server 2731 on the xbox one called the Vardin. We’re relatively small right now; only 4 members. Currently, 3 of the 4 are family members to be honest.

So, I have three questions.

  1. How do you go about recruiting more members?
  2. How do you stop a member from using an item, resource, etc if everything is communal?
  3. The other 3 players are not very hardcore. Of our gathered resources they brought in 15%, 0 thralls and pets, and built maybe 10% of our base. If I were to leave the clan [purely hypothetical] would I take my base, thralls, resources, etc or would it all remain with the clan?

If anyone is interested in joining we’re in the river north of the arena and west of the black galleon.

Yeah, let’s try to help:
Hold “square” button in front of the player you want to invite;

You can’t do that for now. Maybe the devs will put their brains to work and figure out a way to set ownership propperly in the game in the future, who knows. For now though, all you can do is talk to your clanmates and set it by agreement;

Yes. If you leave it all placed stuff will stay in the clan. However, you can get the trhalls from workbenches into your inventory, and, those archers/fighters unplaced in the ground too. Weapons, armour, resources and building parts that aren’t placed in the ground can also be taken to your inventory so, badically only buildings and placed thralls will remain in the clan.
Now a little advice: beware who you put into your clan: anyone can do the same by taking all the important stuff and leaving.

Thanks for explaining. And thanks for the tip. I guess I’m a little naive. I didn’t think about someone else possibly joining just to help themselves.

You’re wellcomed. And don’t bother, we all were new be to the game at some point hahaha

Ps4 How do you transfer clan leadership to another wife is clan chief wants to start as a new player but we don’t want loose our bases thanks in advance

If she wants to start a new character but don’t want to lose your stuff, then at least one member must stay in your clan: when you go to re create your character it will no longer be in the clan so you must have someone there to invite you back in after leaving the spawn point. When you’re a clan leader and leave, the next chief will be the first guy you’ve invited to it; if all members leave at the same time it will destroy everything owned by the clan.
You can leave, re create your character and get back to the clan so your wife will be able to do the same.

Thank you very much
We were hesitant to try. We will do it now
I have seen you give alot of good advice

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You’re all wellcome!

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