DLC content not showing in game

I purchased all the DLC for Conan Exiles for my PC using Microsoft game app. Only a few are showing up in game, I play single player mode, for example the Frontier Pack is not showing or the Arena Pack, they show as downloaded outside the game, but in the game I cannot access the building material and I have Master Mason unlocked even. But yet majority of the DLC Masons are red and won’t allow me to unlock them?? Is there something I am missing or need to check or do?

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This is currently happening to me too, but the usual fix is the go to the properties on the game through steam and select the local files tab and verify the game files. However, I’ve already done this twice and it’s still not letting me use my dlc items

How do I contact Funcom about this issue, I purchased all the DLC which was not cheap and they show downloaded in the Microsoft app, but in game they are red and will not allow me to learn and unlock.

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