Do Human NPC's have Armor?

So for some time I’ve been operating under the assumption Human NPC’s do not have ‘armor’ in the sense that players or Thralls do. As such, when fighting said NPC’s I ignore weapons that have Armor Pen and lean towards weapons that have the highest Damage output.

Is this still a correct assumption, or has anyone been able to figure out otherwise?


I’m not certain, but I know arena champ in war maker dungeon does.

Takes 1 min with x2 adventure blades, takes 25 seconds with annihilator sword, which has 100% armor pen.


In my own offline tests at STR 20, 30, 40, using Blade of the Adventurer and Glimmermoon, I found that armor penetration resulted in faster kills against human opponents. Conversely, animals and monsters died more quickly when using weapon damage kits.

So my conclusion is that human NPCs must have armor.

I used a Quality of Life mod to display % health, so the numbers in the sheet are the % health remaining after however many combos were performed.


I noticed the change many patches ago. Damage kits for PvE is no longer always true. Armor pen kits are usually better net dps mods now

Added: found the patch

in the first part of highlights they say:

“NPC equipment has been adjusted”

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Wow everyone thanks so much for the great intel! Gonna have to play with this a bit to get used to it. Also gonna have to rethink what weaps I put on my thralls now for various scenarios. Hope some other people were able to benefit from this thread too!

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What mod do you use for the %health?

Not home right now to test for sure, but I think it’s this one:

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