Do I have to feed Pets and Thralls?

I think this is actually an old/known question, but it is hard to find out. I just started with Conan Exiles and found a lot results to this of the year 2019 and later there was said with the new system you don’t need to feed anymore. But there is also said that the feeding trough are gone, but I can build it in the game, so I don’t know what exactly the new system is and if it is actually the old system and if there have been changes with Sipta???
So many words later the simple question: Do I have to feed my pets and thralls (after they left the wheel of pain / animal pen) ?

Thx and greets

You should give them food to heal but you don’t need thrall pots anymore that I know of.

If you are afraid that they will die if you don’t feed them dont worry, you don’t need to feed them. The food give them buffs and they use it for healing, so if you have them in your base guarding dont sweat about it, they will be fine without food.

Hope this help.

This has been my experience regarding food, Thralls, and Pets-

Giving your current follower certain foods will do the following,
Heal them during battle
Buff a stat by a certain percentage
Increase the probability of raising a certain stat by a certain percentage when levelling

Now the feeding stations for Thralls and Pets.
These are no longer necessary for normal day to day maintenance of your Thralls and Pets.
They are essentially a relic from a feeding mechanic that no longer exists in game.

However, I believe I have found a way to make use of the feeding stations, during Purges.
This may no longer work as the last time I did this was a few patches ago, please keep that in mind.

I found that filling my feeding stations with the right foods helped to sustain my pets and thralls during Purge attacks, the same way foods sustain your current follower.
So, while no longer necessary, the feeding stations do have a use, albeit a limited one.

Now that I think about it, the above is from a PVE-C perspective.
Results will be same on PVE, PvP might actually have more situations where feeding stations would be useful.

I hope that helps.

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Thank you bigguy80 , Odyssey_TwitchTV and Rollotomozi, that was a great help, especially as I was sweating that they die when just standing around in base with no food :slight_smile:

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