Do I kill my character in Exiles if I create a new in the Age of Calamitous?

Do I kill my character in Exiles if I create a new in the Age of Calamitous?

If you are playing single player Conan Exiles, then yes. Starting any new game (with or without mods) will overwrite the current game and you lose everything.

If you mean will your character on a public or private server be killed whem creating a new single player games or trying a new server, no.the characters are tied to the server.

Yeah I’m SP, thanks for answer :sunglasses:

There are ways around this however, at least on PC.

and recipe r ?

Backup your game.db in a safe location, and start a new game. As long as you keep some discipline in naming the files, there ought to be no problem switching between any number of SP save-games.

Or see this topic:

Wow so easy, need to try it out. Is this a portable tool?

Yeah if you put it on a USB key, it should allow you to port your saves from place to place easily enough. I haven’t tried it though, having only the one PC capable of running CE. And I don’t think my employer would be very happy with me using their time - or - their hardware for playing (other companies’) games :slight_smile:

It does rely on a config file, IIRC it places it next to the tool the first time you run it so it should come with the tool. Which means it may bug out if the game is installed in a different location on the next PC you try it on. If so, just close the tool, delete the config file, and run the tool again.

Dude, once you play with the AoC mod, it’ll be VERY hard to actually go back to vanilla Conan, so even though you can back-up your current world there’s a good chance you won’t return to it. AoC gives a ton of great building blocks to have fun with, and many of them are better than the standard vanilla(cheaper to craft as well).


Ok thanks allot :sunglasses:

Thats truth, big difference :open_mouth:

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