Do i need to buy all the expansions?

Hey guys,

I made a froob account 3-4 days ago, and almost immediately subscribed, to be able to play on the new server. I thought that with the subscription, i get all the expansions too, but seems like it’s not the case, because even though my client says it has all the expacs, my account page says that I only own the base game and notum wars, and I can’t select sl classes even on the old/original server.

Whats up with this? Do I need to buy all the expacs? Can I buy them seperately?

Thanks in advance,

No, apparently You don’t have to buy all the expansions separately anymore. I subbed on a fresh account on Friday, they charged me double, and I have no access to expansions either (I can play on RK 2019 tho). It’s probably some kind of bug. Submit a ticket, and wait 3-4 days.

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Having the same issue. Put in a petition in game and a ticket on the site.

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I was thinking about doing a petition in-game… does it actually help regarding this problem? I’ve submitted a ticket on Saturday but no response since then.

Petitions are for in-game problems, such as being stuck or having a bugged out quest. They can’t help you with account/billing issues through petitions (or the forums, discord, etc).

For acount/billing issues, you can create a ticket at


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