Do We have an ETA on the Rendering/Sound Issue?

I haven’t seen anything posted in a while except for the one statement a few weeks ago about the end of the month. Clearly, that didn’t happen.

I still have trouble seeing enemies, and without a thrall, playing is a challenge, and vaults are impossible.

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I don’t know if there was a plan to fix this issues. For x box and PC I read about performance improvements, but I think ps has some other issues than on other platforms.

The current update was in the certification process. Now it seems that the release was stopped by funcom because of the building issues on pc and Xbox.

I am waiting for the day where all of these game breaking issues will be fixed. But to be realistic if this will ever happen than we have to talk about month or years not weeks or days.

I bet ps will get this update in half or end of August.

We also see that the mods and admins here are quiet since the update don’t works how they told us. I can understand this. Sometimes It’s better to say nothing if you have nothing new to say. I am sure Andy is angry about the people that told him that he can say at the end of juni we get the update :slight_smile:
But also here maybe it’s better to stop it and don’t release more bugs. My main issue is the never ending loading screen on pvec and there is no fix in this or the next update planed.

If it’s not released before the heat death of the universe than I will go to the police and try to get a refund for my game and all the dlc’s :smiley:

i was going to stream on twitch doing all the summoning idles at the the pools, my thrall emoted that she was falling, the boss’s ran in straight lines or not moved at all yet i still got my ass kicked, so i ended the stream, now a new issue. stuck on a foundation sized square and you can not move, its like running into a wall yet out in the open world. there is also some weird bounce thing where you get moved back automatically square sized jumps, that only happens in my build not in the open world. couple all that with original post and the game has some problems.

if ps4 is the issue then scrap it, you might be the first to stop ps4 updates in favour of other, more advanced plarforms but thats the way it goes. funcom could offer a pass for ps4 to come over with our gear packs to pc or xbox. i would be up for that, the only reason i play on ps4 is the gear packs and now the siptah update, not up for paying for the game twice.

either way, i hope you get the staff in to sort this mess out, good luck

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