Do you guys like the current Feat system?

I’m wondering what are you guys opinion on this subject, I personally would rather have all recipes to be unlocked by books you find in containers ( dead enemies are containers too ) or other stuff around the world, like you do for emotes, armors and cooking recipes. Maybe even require you to learn certain stuffs from non aggressive npcs and thralls.

I think is kinda immersion breaking the one we have now, and I understand that changing it would require a lot of work redesigning a lot of other aspects of the game, but I can’t convince myself that my character now knows how to build a stone fence just because he ate a filling meal, or that he can craft steel weapons just because he combined two orb effects, I know I’m being simplistic by not considering the symbolic meaning of those actions related to the feat itself, but I believe that you guys know where I 'm getting at.

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A system that did away with knowledge points and simply increased skills as you use them would be nice.

Start off knowing the basics, such as things in the Cornerstone category.
If I work on construction, I gain construction exp and eventually figure out how to build more complex and advanced structures. If I work on blacksmithing, I learn to make better weapons.

Though this could lead to mindless tedium such as crafting 1,000 swords in a row…

Books and NPCs scattered throughout the land could teach unique skills as well as grant exp bonuses for specific skill lines, so you don’t have to make a billion of the same item to skill up, but it would still be an option.

It really doesn’t make sense to become the best architect in the land when all I’ve done is construct shabby sandstone shack.

Also, character levels should only come from combat and combat-related journey steps. I shouldn’t become a more powerful warrior because I baked a lot of bread.

But I’m fine with the way it currently is. I’m sure it’s too late for the entire system to be revamped again, so I don’t expect anything other than minor tweaks.


This is what the elder scrolls does and it makes sense.
This would fit in really well with the survival aspects.
Although it was kind of annoying having to constantly sell all those iron daggers and gold necklaces all the time.
What we have at the moment isn’t bad, but you can reach a point of stagnation when you’ve spent all your points.

I agree with most of what you say, the devs said that they wanted Conan Exiles to be a mix of Skyrim and Ark with a bit of Sim City, but for some reason they avoid some of the things that make Skyrim be such a great game, and the progression system is one of those. Hell, as it looks you played Skyrim a lot, tell me, did you just had one character? No, we reroll a lot, we always try to go for a different build now, make our own class, that is because the journey is immersive and fun.

But I understand the flaws of this system, in Skyrim I would go from lvl 1 to 50 only by training with an npc, pickopocketing the money back from then and repeat. The solution to that is the journey system CE already has, but much more expanded, I like the journeys, the feats is the thing that bothers me.

The point where I disagree with you is make the combat be so influenced by your lvl, I think that shouldn’t be a thing at all, I believe combat should be dictated by Skill then Strategy ( Choice of gear, items you use, how you place yourself in battlefield. ) then Gear. So we will end up with a system that you can always win if you are a good player, not mattering if you just started crafting your first iron weapon up against a lvl 40 enemy.

The way it is, is ok, nothing game breaking. I usually discuss about small things here. Because I think the major ones everyone else is talking about already.

Yeah I rolled a few different characters.

For PvE, it already is. I’m not really into PvP so I don’t have any suggestions there.
For example, I’ve taken down bosses that I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have been fighting at the time… Such as the monster crocodile at level 12, naked with stone daggers. The witch queen at 15, naked with stone daggers. Even what people called the end game boss before I was even level 50. Etc. But that’s likely just because of the terrible AI and predictable attack patterns, not because of a particularly good system being in place.

Honestly, I think the feat system got more confusing.

How so? I played when the game was first released into EA but then stopped for over a year. Came back a few weeks ago and it seems to be just a simple as it was back then, just a bit more fleshed out. I missed most of the development so I don’t know what all has transpired in this time.

I think it would help if they organized it a bit better though.

Good topic.

No, I don’t really find the feat system engaging at all. I like the perk system, because I feel that the perks are simple enough to understand at a quick glance. Meanwhile, the feat system is this complex web of prerequisites.

I don’t really understand why we need to buy Feats at all. We’re not defining our characters in any special way by choosing what crafting recipes we want, and which ones we don’t want.

The Feat system doesn’t really bring anything to the game. I’d honestly rather just get all the Feats, rather than have to deal with the minutia of ‘checking off’ all the boxes for what I want to do.

I feel like the only purpose of the Feat learning system is to reduce the amount of crafting clutter there is in the UI.

I’d love to see a more engaging Feat system, that brings in special abilities (like harvesting more of certain things) similar to the Perk system.

I like your idea.
It’s a bit weird that you learn about building by bashing skulls.

Pshhhew Mind blown. More MMORPG elements in Conan Exiles sounds good to me.

It’s easy enough to get to level 60 by running from point-to-point and hitting all the exploration spots. Once you’re 60, you have no more experience to gain.

I’d love to get ‘Skinning’ XP by using a skinning knife, or ‘Cooking’ XP by using a cleaver. A soft cap would be great for this, so that everybody starts out average at all things, but as you use certain tools you start to define yourself in that way. eg. If you use a Skinning tool, your Skinning goes up by 1, and all ten other skills go down by 0.1.

This would give us something additional to work towards with our characters. A little extra after we’ve leveled to 60.

It’s not too late to change the way that Feats and Crafting recipes are organized. I think Joel recognized that this was a problem somewhere… There’s definitely a lot of clutter around the Crafting UI, and so a revamp could resolve the clutter problem.

I’d love to see a crafting perk like:

Foreman’s Presence — Crafting Stations work twice as fast while you are nearby.

I just mentioned it because it’s a more logical system than magically knowing whatever you choose without any real investment into that line of expertise.

I’d probably be down for pretty much anything that makes sense, really.

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… and you will end up being unable to progress past the noob river, because someone just put a wall around the chest with iron pick axe recipe :laughing:

1 - Nobody said that those played should be fixed.
2 - You can use stone pickaxe for gathering anyway.
3 - Land Claim, Decay Timers and Building damage is another problem this game faces, you can’t justify the attempt to develop one aspect by th flaws of the other.
4 - Rust has this blueprint system and you don’t see such things happening.

What most confusing about the feat system is the lack of explanation to use it. Honestly one tip or pop up could fix this, especially the fact that you can scroll through tabs in the feat menu, that is on console or at least on ps4 really easy to miss. So you might end up spending those feat points completely unpractical in the first run before you find out that you can pull on the shoulder buttons. But finding these recipes in jars and such, that would create severe balance issues unless they make a linear experience, and take you by the hand to fetch them all. The whole point of open world will be out of the window to. So i get that it is less immersive, but luckily they did it this way. Since it fits the survival genre better, because its not an mmo. I play eso online for many years now and honestly i thought it was a nightmare to find all my needed recipes in jars/containers and it was more aggrevating and frustrating and certainly not immersive.

The system feels cheap and unthoughtful. We’ve seen it a million times but putting time into something so acceptable (if it wasn’t we wouldn’t see this system so often) takes times away from other systems, ie combat which is pretty fun in this game (at least pve, pvp mechanics could be greatly improved)

I have to be choosy when I level up.
So maybe this is intended to force players to choose a more specific path of specialization.
One thing you cannot accomplish is maxing out all of your attributes. Not without an Admin Panel anyway.

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