Skill trees to make you special

Look development team don’t get your panties in a knot. I am going to place sorcery with schools. I have no f****** idea what your plans for sorcery is. I want to add skill tree base on combat. Since sorcery is a combat by guessing it will need a skill tree too. So development team keep a cool head. This is NOT a sorcery topic. It is a skill tree.

Stat points don’t effect skill trees. Skill trees adds abilities and passives.

So to start off with what I don’t know sorcery skills. We only seen bits of sorcery. School of magic skill trees strength there magic skill. The 3 schools as seen are curse,necromancery and demon summoning. I know nothing else so lets avoid this skill talk. Funcom go wild.

For those who love to build the builder skill tree grants you passives to improve harvest,speed up item crafting and reduce resource costs. Abilities are resource seeker. Resource seeker allows a builder to find resources on the map. Another ability is to build tents that are used to escape the weather. Most Builders abilities deal with building. Funcom go wild.

Armor Gain passives defenses in armors. Also environment passives. The armor skill trees focus on improing the armors you like by stacking passives defenses on them. Abilities Defense up tempy increase you defense but also tempy decrease your speed. Most armor abilities increase defense but also decrease speed. Armor abilities are tempy. Funcom go wild.

Weapon gains passives stamina cost reduction. Also weapon armor penetration increase. Basic following down a weapon skill tree increase the weapon’s power. Abilities are double weapon attacks and etc. Weapon abilites just different type of weapon attacks. Funcom go wild.

Stealth there is no stealth in Conan Exiles. The passives could be harder for NPC,players,beast and monsters to detect you. In PVP this skill tree worthless. Abilites are stealth base. Decoy copies you as an illusion. You all know what stealth is. Funcom go wild.

Now onto the Skill tree I have fully plan. You auto learn this skill tree.

Barbarian Skill tree. All are unlocked at lv 1.

Barbarian: Players Gain Rage. Passive: Gain Rage while hitting or being hit.

Rage: Player has a max 100 rage meter. Passive

Blind Rage: Attack,speed and defense are increase by 5% drains rage to keep active. Ability

Healing Rage: Heal by consume rage. Max Hit points heal is 100. Ability

Rage Revive: Able to revive by consumption of rage. You need 100 rage to active this ability. Revive gives you 50 health when revive. So your at 50 health.

Rage Purification: transfer corruption to rage. Cost 0 rage. Ability

Grapple: Able to grapple enemies

Throw: Able to throw enemies

I forgot to mention hand to hand and unarmored passives and abilities. Also known as fighting Naked skill tree. Fighting Naked means you doesn’t wear armor or use weapons. Iron-Steel fist skills in the skill tree allows yo to by pass a certain amount of armor. Iron-Steel fist skills passives adds damage to unarm combat. Fighting with no armor or clothing has passives to help with weather and defense. Iron-Steel skill adds armor. It’s very light armor. The important passives is weather body which adds heat and cold resistances.

So basically you want a completely different game…


You should try WoW, warriors there got Rage. And btw, there are sorcery there too.

There is stealth, I hide myself a lot in bushes, trees, lakes, ppls buildings, you name it, stealth is an art that you gotta know how to do it right.


Stats+Feats+Skill trees. I want to make my barbarian better. Not a new games. Just an added feature.

Oh… Thats a very different topic coming from you, Bryan. :clap:
I generally like the idea of this.
Though I doubt they will do this, as this game seems to be supposed to be a game without any limits for the players. No limits on religion, no limits on buildings. Sole thing missing is all stats 50.

Please spare me this one. While I think there is a lot where I would second you, I would prefer you to not mention this.
If we were talking about the game how it was back in wotlk with the old talent tree, then I would agree. But with the current way it is? NO WAY!
If you’re really interested, I may explain why this game feels so dull to me at some other point.

Having players decide for a role would be nice. Having the players limit themselves is nice too.
I actually did that due to me having started on some RP server back at new year. Well, shortly after that, but you get the point.
“Rima” can only use one handed swords, throwing axes and daggers. She kinda forgot to train with daggers which is why she is so bad with them - well… why I am so bad with them in duels… hehe.
Basically I ripped the most powerful weapon off her. Anyway, back to topic I guess…

So my dear lich.

I doubt that actives+passives in a seperated tree from attributes would work well.
And while it may prove myself to be arrogant… I prefer my idea I posted back in… wow I dont remember.

It was about reworking the feats into a choice system. Basically making perks talents where we choose how the toon is supposed to be played.
Combining that with your ideas and altering some a bit:

Sorcery should introduce a new attribute. Intellect or Intelligence.
Or however they would name it. This would improve the effects of sorcery. Be it the duration of the casts/skills/debuffs/summons or plain damage…

Builder sounds like encumbrance/survival. (one lvl 50 feat of survival being halved costs of handcrafted stuff?)

Armor sounds like grit.

Weapon needs to be split up in strenght and accuracy.

Stealth should be changed to burglar/rouge (to keep the wow idea lol), but not be about stealth. Rather about targets to receive higher damage when they get damaged while not in fighting stance - or when the player hasnt been damaged in the last 30 seconds/when attacking from crouching.
Should be linked to agility.

Which then leaves vitality. This would determine wether the player got a big nice cushion or regerates swiftly…

I do wonder if that would be doable with a mod. Because such a change would indeed make it a different game. However, when they introduced perks, they started this a little. I would prefer more depth there…
…and if this was to become a RPG mod, there would be so many more things I would prefer to add on top… Oh dear…

By the way. Sorry for hearing that sorcery actually isnt being worked on. I seriously thought they kept quiet because they were working that hard… I thought of you when this was said in the stream.

I only gave you a sample of skill trees.

All skills have 60 skills.

Weapons have a skill tree for all weapon types. And there a 60 skill tree for each weapon type.

Armors have a skill tree for all armor types. There a 60 skill tree for each armor type.

Builder: Offers special buildings for builders as well as special builder defenses.

Stealth: you want to avoid a fight if you can. Scouting party needs stealth. Even Conan uses stealth.

1 skill points per level up. Each skill cost is 1 point. You get a skill point at lv 1.

Feats+Stats+Skills= Better Conan Exiles.

Also you avoided the Barbarian skill tree auto unlocked at lv 1. This gives noobs a chance to fight back.

From bottom up:
The barbarian tree is OP and not needed.

Skills may be a good idea for some RPG mod, as it would be one part to turn this survival sandbox into some rpg survival sandbox. This is why I altered the suggestion to fit the vanilla game, which would only enhance the current perks, but also deepen the little RPG element we got into this game.
Why it’s good for a mod but not the vanilla game?
Simply because mods may alter the game to become an entirely different one.
Altering the vanilla game too much on the other hand could possibly end in people turning away from this game, as they like the current way it is.

Mh… if you wanted to speak up in favor of scouts, plain old camoflague (or however its written, sorry) will do. I do not know anything about the world of Conan, never have read any comics nor have I ever seen a single movie. (Breathe guys, stay alive…:ghost: :joy:)
Thus I can only speak of how the game may slightly be changed up. I do think there are more than enough colours and if the player goes for shemite armor, he will gain statpoints for archery which fits scouts AND it should cover their entire body, allowing to dress up in certain colors, which will then help with hiding that guy. Long story short? Stealth is NOT needed. Instead I would go for possibilites to ambush enemies who dont see the player coming. I would link that to battlestance or the executing player crouching, as it may prove hard or even impossible to do something else? I seriously dont know.

Special buildings? In what manner? Get to the point.

I do like players having to specialise in armor and weaponry.

If each level grants a single point in this system of yours, you should allow for two parts up until the end, if not 3. Having them specialise in three small little paths, where i.e. 12 exist, already limits the players but then again gives them enough possibilities. It’s not like players will want to decide to wear light armor OR go for daggers. (One tiny example) They will want to do both.

Skills seem to be a bad idea for Conan Exiles.
Your ideas might already be incorporated into the perk system if perks were reworked to have players choose one passive from multiple at each milestone. This way it wouldnt destroy the survival sandbox…

skill tree should make you s.a.v.a.g.e

just saying


:roll_eyes: then we’ll end up with a thread, “why can’t we have more than 1 skill tree” :roll_eyes:


There are, however, some private servers that do implement a class system so that clans or tribes need to depend on one another. I don’t know the names of the mods, but I do remember reading about them when looking at a few servers and their rules (that was months ago, though).

Conan Has used stealth.

Skill trees offers more bang to your barbarian.

The barbarian skill tree isn’t op. There a limit. 100 rage isn’t powerful. Even if you revive 50 hit points is nothing. You have to first have 100 rage.

Not classes. Skill trees are for improving the players. Focus on what your combat syle is. Not be given a roll is what Skill trees are for.

Mods are for pc only. Skill trees offers freedom.

Buh… buh… mah pitchfork… and I already lit the torch…

I agree. Picking one skill tree to the exclusion of all others really is just classes by another name. Of course the nature of the perk system already leads people to focus on one or two branches for most builds, but you usually end up with a smattering of points elsewhere - and you are in any case never locked into one or the other.

Anyway, while I can’t say I’m a fan of this idea, I suppose with some development it could become something I could live with. It’s a moot point however, adding a brand new core system to the game at this point is wildly unrealistic. If Funcom were going to invest that amount of effort, they’d for sure go for the long-awaited Sorcery, which they have explicitly said they’re not actively working on.


I can already focus on my combat style…
2 hand sword…
And I bet others will say bow, or daggers, or…
The game allows freedom as it is, what you suggest is going back to early d&d where a thief was restricted to dagger, an archer to bows…
That kinda crap didn’t work for me then and it won’t now…

Just enjoy the game as is or find one that you’ll enjoy more…

Oh and bry, in your defence I found out today why you think the admin controls are cheating…
I selected ‘make me admin’ and because I already was the game said ‘you’re already allowed to cheat’

Funcom dropped the ball there big time… :roll_eyes:

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Yeah that’s very unfortunate wording considering they’re on record for saying it’s NOT considered cheating. Talk about mixed signals!

And the irony is bugs aren’t always easy to fix, but one or two words is a 30 second fix… :rofl:
Should I come out of retirement and offer my services as QC?
Like my fav and most used app is theChive, but their grammar and spelling is subpar. It’s a bugbear of mine and detracts from their content…

Picture Skyrim. I offering freedom. Like Skyrim offers to players.

Picture Skyrim. Right now you’re unskilled. A none master of your weapon. I offer no classes. I offer freedom. I offer full mastery to those who focus. Picture a skill tree where you get full freedom to pick your skills at will. No preskills need to learn. Learn what you want.

Skyrim is a different game, like aliens is a different movie to Harry Potter, does that mean aliens would be better with magic in it? No!

The thing is, you can pick up and use any weapon in Conan, and being good with said weapon has nothing to do with some numerical skill system that removed the need for player skill…
You either get gud or you tell people on forums how much you suck at the game over and over. :sleeping:

Is this going to be another endless repetition thread… count me out…