Do you like the buff power creep?

  • I like the more powerful buffs
  • I don’t like the more powerful buffs

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So this is a post for more experienced players I guess. It came up in a thread about lances and I didn’t want to derail.

Basically, I am not a fan of the powerful vault armours and other stackable items, and the increase in stat bonuses from armourer tiers. It turns us into superheroes when the feel of the game before was more gritty. I think it allows characters in the vanilla official game to feel too powerful, and especially causes huge balance/meta problems in PVP.

I mean people like winning (shocking, I know), so if it’s there, people are going to use it. Fair enough. But one of the things I really liked about this game when I started playing it was the low key, low magic setting. You couldn’t be good at everything. Even at level 60 you’re just a fragile human in a world of much worse things.

No gear was hugely better than any other in its teir. Of course there was better and worse stuff, but the power spread felt narrower. An experienced player with regular gear and no or minimal buffs might beat a buffed new player with top tier gear. That feels much less likely now. You gotta drink all these potions and wear this goofy goblin armour and shiny red slippers so you can Hulk out like everyone else :roll_eyes:

I imagine these things are handy in PVE. Just wondering what the rest of the players on the forum think? Write below what mode you play and why you answered how you did, if you want.

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While I agree with this, my question is why play their game to begin with? If someone wants to stat themselves for the 3-5% of their gameplay…let them play their game and ignore them. These types of players last around 30 days on a server before they either get beaten and their ego refuses for them to continue playing or they get bored because that 3-5% of the game is all they want to do and if there is no one to fight, they move on.

Let me ask you this…what is the point of this game and why do you play it? Does one hit wonders really affect that?

The underlying aspect is Meta will always exist. If it’s not 50 +strength and ways to get 600 hp of damage for one hit, then it’s getting the 40 strength and able to down you with 100 hp of damage and a thrall with soc. There is always Meta that will edge people more than other items and those that are willing to use and abuse such meta. Your issue isn’t with the Meta, it’s with playing with folks that abuse it. This is why private servers are full and officials are getting cut. Those that want more substance in the game find others that want it as well and wall themselves off in their Eden. Hardly anyone is left on officials that promote an ideal outside of “bash it good” anymore. That’s the sad truth.

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Not sure if this an exclusive PVP comment or not, but I can assure you that on my PVE-C server we spend more time helping each other than bashing each other. Occasionally we do fight, but not surprisingly a lot of fights do not end in death and we have a good laugh.

As to the survey, I use the berserker draught to give me that potential edge, and why not? It IS part of the game, and available to anyone with the right T4 priestess who plays CE.

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I like having siptah kits on exile land officials. being able to run a good build without needing to buff is amazing.


For me it depends…

If I’m playing solo then I want…

If I’m playing in a group then probably not…

As it is now even with no buffs at all, 3 or 4 guys a their thralls kill everything so fast it’s sometimes even hard to get a hit on a :skull_and_crossbones::skull::skull_and_crossbones: boss as they die in like 10 to 15 seconds. Don’t even get a chance to see it’s animations before it’s dead and gone…

Not as much as people seem to think. Every time I watch a PVP video, I am utterly amazed at the amount of buffs you have going at the same time. As a PVE player, I just can’t be bothered to keep track of all of the stuff you have to craft and carry and consume to keep that long list of buffs going. It looks super stressful.

And that’s the way I felt even before Siptah.

The gear I like best is not the “These Go To 11” kind of gear, but rather the “this does something interesting”. For example, Szeth’s truncheon does more concussive damage than Lovetap, but I prefer Lovetap because it has the mace moveset. Another example is Glimmermoon: not the best axe, but it glows.

Sorry, but that’s just making excuses for Funcom’s subpar game design. Apart from using actual exploits, there’s no such thing as “abusing the meta”.

If there’s one strictly dominant strategy in a game, that’s the game designer’s fault. No amount of victim-blaming rhetoric will change that. If you have to resort to having an admin artificially restrict the game, it’s poorly designed and unbalanced.

And it’s not like game design is a new thing that humanity is just discovering. There are books, there are blog posts, there’s a wealth of information on this topic, much of it written by industry veterans whose names are instantly recognizable to anyone who has shown a modicum of interest in the matter.

It’s not an intractable problem, or a problem with a unique-but-hard solution. They just need to be willing to work on it properly.

If your game has one meta, it’s screwed. If you want to avoid that, make sure it has more than one meta and that each meta counters one or more others. :man_shrugging:


I think the point of this game for me is to pretend to be a barbarian warrior by fighting monsters and other players in a low-fantasy setting. So I think you misunderstand why I don’t like the super powerful buffs.

I don’t like how much the newer buffs increase stats, because it means characters can be built with more than two 40+ stats, without sacrificing much. This takes away the low-magic gritty barbarian feel of the setting, for me. I liked that to be strong in one area, you had to be weak in others, and to be balanced you had to forego really high stats across the board. Now it’s simple to build a character that is decent in almost all stats and high in two or three.

So yeah I don’t actually object to one hit kills. I think for example someone in a maxed combat build should probably be able to one-shot someone in a poorly armoured farm build. What I don’t like is the power escalation. I want there to be real consequences for maxxing a stat :man_shrugging:


Yeah I don’t mind the drinks and warpaints. It’s mostly the Siptah vault armours and T4 armourers generally handing out attribute points (that don’t expire in an hour) like candy.

Me too. Feels so much more Conan than an ugly helmet that gives +9 Strength, and is just more imaginative design.

See this is the exact opposite of how I feel :laughing: but that’s OK. I want me and everyone else to be unable to run “good” builds at all… to have to compromise and have big weaknesses if you want a 40+ attribute.

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Out of the box, I want to clarify that what I do for a PvE game and what I do for PvP are unrecognizable to each other.

In PvE I like to build moderate manor homes, staff them with interesting pets and prisoners with jobs, while also building open community pools, fountains and map rooms where applicable. Sometimes I’ll sally forth with a favourite retainer to bully some monstrosity of the realm. For fun and profit.
For PvE the new and exciting Siptah vault gear (and especially sigils) makes everything so much easier. Half are basically quality of life upgrades and the other half are very convenient. Everything is just so much better with Siptah gear and boons. Not required at all, but so convenient.

For PvP I’m a solo locust. I build nothing of merit and basically wander around a server looking like a bum until someone decides to bother me and then take my amusement by causing as much pain and annoyance to that person’s clan as possible. While not absolutely necessary, the Siptah gear makes the one man nuisance squad much more doable. The climbing benefit alone is pure gold. To say nothing of the very potent gear. It is a combat multiplier of such magnitude that I consider it near essential for how I PvP.

I don’t think the solution is to knee cap the Siptah gear. I think the EL gear needs a boost.
My personal thought is that Obsidian should share stats with Gray One weapons.
The Lemurian Axe is a good baseline weapon.
Black Ice arms should be on par with Vault Weapons
The Pride of the Aesir, Khari, and Godbreaker all need to be brought up to snuff.
The only EL set I think is about right (due to ease of learning and crafting) is Dragon bone weapons and armour.

The one thing that EL has that Siptah doesn’t is weather. While it’s easy to get around some of it, I wouldn’t suggest wearing Siptah suits into the Ice Fields or Volcano. Not unless one spent plenty of time cooking beforehand.

TLDR; Give the EL exclusive gear better benefits, that way while the Siptah gear is still an advantage, it’s not as significant as it currently is.
Also, instead of Sigils dissipating on a kill, let a player who kills someone who is using sigils loot those benefits from the fallen foe.
Or give the EL something similar and unique to it’s zones, Like a Khari or Dagon Perma-boon.


The saddest part about this “power creeping” is that it made all the normal epic armors useless. I am talking about the Darfari Set or DLC epic armors as an example.

Dragon Hide/Silent Legion Light/Siptah only armors (Vault armors/the vitality corsair set, etc.) is the way to go in PvP. Everyone wears the same.


Yeah, can’t say I’m fond of that sort of thing either. Particularly in relation to the DLC stuff, since you know, you have to pay extra for it.

I’m fine with some epic/legendary armor or weapon set you find in a dungeon being slightly better stat wise. I could still wear the one I like without gimping myself too badly. But when the difference gets so wide that it puts you at a distinct disadvantage, well then the DLC stuff loses it’s value along with everything else.


Yes i like the more powerfull buffs … and i wish more to be added in game … They allow for more versatility when ur build your characters stats


I’m not a fan of armor stats at all, it’s MMO way of doing things, but siptah took it lower then sludge
yeah some unique endgame weapons or sets of armor might have some bonuses to give this fraction of edge and justify being special, but in general, me wearing one skirt that makes me more agile and other allows me carry more, just batshit nonsense

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But then 90% of them would be the exact same, jsut reskinned models, nothing else. Weight/durability/temp. resistance is the exact same on lot of them. I mean I’m not a big fan of armors giving huge bonuses (more than 10 for a set) either, but it is still better than nothing in this state of the armors.

yeah their uniformity makes bonuses even more bland
I’d prefer nothing, by that I mean stat bonuses, armors within same class could be made more unique in other ways, like environmental protection, weight, armor value etc


For me the whole thing started with the introduction of elexirs, tatoos and buff fishes. In the old days we simply put on an armor, equiped a weapon and off we went to the next fight. You died? No problem. Respawn, armor and weapon on, fight again. Easy and simple and fun. And if you have run out of armor you went nacked. Just for the fun of fighting.

Nowadays you only find mates that you feel need half an hour to equip themselfs before they are able and willing to leave the base to fight or simple to farm. Last mate I had in clan respeced 5 times a day, because of “reasons”. And he only fought if he had his “special” armor and weapons on hand. I do not blame him, because he only learned to play the game this way, but honestly for me the direction the game went pvp wise is devastating for the community. It takes the carefreeness and the fun out. Most people that describe themselfs as good fighters nowadays are guys who are only leaving base “fully equiped” and “max buffed” and then go only for the easy fights, like camping teleporters, raiding sandstone bases and newbies. This gameplay in my eyes su…cks hard. I can´t even vomit that much as I would like to if I see such behaviour and people do not even feel ashamed of how they behave. It takes all the fun out of the fights. It limits and effects the gameplay very badly.


Totally disagree. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should for the sake of the fun on the server. Just like I could foundation spam the entire map doesn’t mean I should. Why is combat interaction treated differently than building interactions? How is building your character stats to something that is over the top for the sole purpose of plaguing other players to the point that was outside the expectations of the intent of gameplay acceptable but building that also done to purposely plague other players isn’t?

I can give you my reason for that: because combat is something that inherently involves balance, in game theory terms.

“Balancing the building system” is a much more nebulous concept, and any attempt to do so would have so many ramifications and so many variables involved. That’s why it’s easier for me to shrug and say “Funcom did their best” when it comes to the building system, as opposed to combat balance.

Basically, what I tried to say there is that I find it suboptimal when a game requires another human to cut off bits and pieces of it in order to make it playable. For reasons I described above, I’m more prepared to tolerate that when it comes to something like a building system, as opposed to combat.

Think about it this way: all those books I mentioned, about game design, include a lot of discussion on how to balance combat, in different genres, whereas few of them – if any – tackle the problems you see in the abuses of building system in Conan Exiles.

At any rate, I don’t think that “just get an admin” is a good answer to the topic broached here, and that’s why I said what I said, but I feel like I might be veering off topic now, so I’ll just agree to disagree here :slight_smile:


Yeah fair point there…admin are already taxed with building stuff…but maybe this is why I"m having issues with it…we shoulldn’t need admin on this but play as adults that love the game and are willing to sacrifice personal gain for the good of the fun on the server. I played VtW LARP and the book described rules and rule mongering best by flatout pointing out that as children, we played cops and robbers and when someone said “bang your dead”, there wasn’t a huge disagreement over it. Either you fell dead or created a different take on the event that went with the flow “PING. Missed”. If some kids were always wanting it their way…you just stop playing with them. Where is that at now in gameplay nowadays? Where is the understanding that the greater fun for the server is all important…be it epic fights, intrigue and betrayals of trust…the story of the server matters more than an attachment to an old Yog’s touch or a Captain thrall. I guess I’m arguing over the soul of the game vs just the mechanics and maybe this isn’t the place for that…but I remember joining the server (the one that is going to be deleted) and rising as a solo player…ending up the Alpha just for the public service aspects and length of time on the server, taking on refuges as my first clan…creating an alliance of other clans that ruled the server…only to be betrayed twice…once for some drunken trashtalk bringing in a foreign element and then one of the alliance betrayed our clan and gave this clan details that was given in confidence…it was beautiful mix of fighting, politics, and ulitmately of tragic betrayals. One of the best online experiences that I had. That is what I am promoting this game to continue to do.


Just fyi, I don’t care at all if anyone derails my thread lol. I have a million thoughts all the time and find it hard to remember that some people find derails annoying. So have at it. For what it’s worth I think the face-to-face aspect is what generates that co-operative spirit most easily. Traditional RPGs and LARP and kids playing cops and robbers all involve being in the same physical space as the other players. It’s harder to remember that you’re not the only person involved when the other players are, at best, disembodied voices.

Tell me about it. People complain about how there’s “no skill” in PVP but then act like skill is choosing the best stuff. Like it’s rocket science to compare stats and pick the most powerful gear. But this is a problem with gamers in general

I disagree with this, I think a bunch of identical stats with different skins is better than a handful of clearly optimal gear. At least then you’d see people with different looking loadouts.

Yep. So many different looks and ways to tweak your build just steamrollered over. And looks are important in a game, even though people rarely say so. It’s a big part of the immersion and appeal.