Dodge and Fey Stone leap do not always occur in the correct direction

If you’re under the effect of some movement debuffs (such as the DA Jinn’s AoE and the slow effect on the Tank Commander), you are still able to turn using the keyboard, but if you dodge or use the Fey Ley Line Stone you move as if you hadn’t changed facing. This means you can end up dodging in the exact opposite direction you should.

It works the same if you are pulled into the huge AoE from DW boss 6.
And it always worked that way AFAIK.
The only turnaround I know of is to turn and walk at least 1 step in the right direction before dodging, that should make you dodge in the right direction.

I was under the impression that turning with the mouse didn’t have this problem, although I don’t know for sure.

Either way, if you’re allowed to change your facing but dodge doesn’t respect that facing, it’s a bug. In SWL some of those effects prevented you from turning, so I think this bug is a holdover from that code.

For the Tank Commander, even starting to walk in the correct direction doesn’t seem to prevent the problem, I think possibly because the slow effect is so strong that you don’t go far enough in the tick you spend moving for your facing to be updated correctly.

I always use the fey stone for TC fight and never ever experienced the problem.
Funcom is sooooo pro in filling his code with bugs that everyone can experience their personal one XD

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Do you turn with the mouse or keyboard, though? If you use the mouse, that would narrow down where the bug is.


Looks like using the mouse resets direction correctly, then.

If you use the keyboard, then you can turn as much as you want but dodging etc. will still go in the direction you were facing when the root took effect.