Dodge Combo(s?)

Dodge should be a combo, first the little hop, then the roll.

Sometimes, you only need to move a little bit in order to avoid an attack, instead of rolling into the next biome. If you only do the little hop, you’re still close enough to punish your opponent. If you roll, you’re out of reach, and so are they. But if you wear heavy armor, rolling isn’t an option. And wearing anything other than heavy, rolling is all you’re doing. Make it a combo, so medium and light (or maybe only light?) Have the option.

To take it a hop-step further, add a quick counter attack after each part of the dodge. After the step, a quick swing. After the roll, a lunge. Additional effects dependent of weapon.

Granted, combat in general is in a strange place. Locking on is detrimental, and sprinting is generally better than dodging. But that’s a bigger deal.