Dodging distance, speed on light or medium armour

So, will there be an option to use old dodging system in single player mode? Right now dodging is very sluggish or ‘‘fat roll’’ in dark souls terms, even wearing light or medium armor with high agility. Part of the fun of light or medium armor was speed and ability to dodge well, and it really helped in solo single player PVE…

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the new dodging system is way better than the old one

I disagree. It makes light and medium armor less useful, there is a longer delay between dodges/rolls and you roll for much shorter distance. It was better the way it was before, at least for single player solo fights. Hopefully there will be an option to return to this old system for single player, because right now combat is really not fun, makes me consider dropping the game.


The new roll is in slow motion. It ruin the game, I can roll faster myself! Actually I do not roll, I turn left or right it is better.

What are you waiting to fix this??? What is the point of slowing down the player? Make the enemies stronger instead.

Tying the rolls to agility is actually brilliant, as you can no longer create an all-rounder character just by pumping your points in strength, vitality, and smidge in endurance, coupled with light armour and a spear. Now if you want to roll your glass-cannon to safety, you’re a goner.

My main gripe is that the gains in distance don’t scale that much as you put points in agility. 50 Agility should have you roll a bit further than the old rolling system.

Another necessary change would be to have your character’s weight being a percentage system, rather than a three tier system. That way, you can create a more specialized equipment load out to go along with the rolling system.

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At least something like that would be useful. Right now agility doesn’t do much at all for rolling. Agility buffing armor and dodge speed and distance would make it a more worthwhile skill and make light and medium armor more useful, especially if you don’t want to use shields.

At first I thought it was a good change, but now I realize it need a LOT more work. Like most have said, there is little advantage spending points in agility to improve dodge, its barely noticeable, best stick with heavy armor and relative low agility. While we are talking about agility… the 50 points perk, double jump… seriously, while its fun to double jump it has almost no use in combat, it should be a 40 points perk at max.

50 points agility perk should give the player the ability to auto evade attacks every few seconds, this would be brilliant. With content all unbalanced thanks to all mighty, Godlike thralls, nobody dares running in high agility and light armor, nobody wants to be one hit killed if they fail a dodge (which isnt hard with this new system)

I play this game since Beta, combat never felt so restrict and limited as it feels now. All thanks to overpowered thralls, forcing content to be ridiculous strong and a very, very limited combat system that only rewards players in heavy armor. Funcom desperately needs to focus in the combat system, it feels old, we basically trade blows, AI is dumb and only tries to zerg gank you, attacking relentless and packing around you… No wonder why you dont see “assassins”, “archers” or “gladiator” style characters running around. There is no room for that in this combat system.


Indeed. Then again, I’m a solo single player player so thralls being OP doesn’t bother me TOO much, but I liked to solo strong bosses without thralls and I wonder if I would be able to do that now with medium armor, for example. Long distance roll was very useful for that. It took skill and concentration even back then, if lag wouldn’t mess you up.

Yes it is very possible and maybe even faster than you think…

I cleared the Dagon dungeon in jungle a few days ago wearing epic flawless Aquilonian Infantry medium armor(+9 vitality), I used upgraded Axe of the Lion(for damage +5 strength) and the Festering one(to add both bleed and poisoning) + a bow only to pull an enemy when needed, I was buffed with +3 in all attributes and only used aloe soup for healing, I was alone, so no thrall to help, I finished all the bosses + what else that was there in roughly 40 minutes which could have been a little less because I had to wait for a sandstorm to finish in the middle of it - And I’m just a mediocre player :grin:

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