Does any one NOT have chapter 2 done?

In the last stream they said that they were amazed from the data they gained showing the percentage of people who didn’t hit lvl 60 on bp challenges! So they surely have this data to know why they are doing what they doing!
What’s your data? This forum?
0.01% of the players out there?
The question here would be, why 2x only on pc for gathering materials?
But i believe we all know this answer, Xbox and ps4!


What would your highness like instead? A new car? A new house? The head of Funcom’s CEO delivered to you on a silver platter?

The unbridled entitlement that has surfaced during the minor fiasco paints the Conan community in a worse light than it does Funcom.


Which in my opinion are the only people that wouldn’t have it done by now. So 2X don’t care = really don’t care.

You lost me referring to this train wreck of a 4 day weekend as a “minor fiasco”.

And how is expecting recompense that isn’t an insult “unbridled entitlement”.

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No, this is what they’ve done for the last BP before it ended and they will again for the end of the Ch. 3 pass.

Reading is fundamental

Well everyone is has the freedom to be wrong some times.

You failed to make a point here. Mind taking to the time to put effort into your argument?

Wow, spring loaded post LMFAO Try waiting for edits

See this is where I have issues. You clearly don’t comprehend what the thread is saying or about. And I really don’t know any nice way to say that.

I comprehend quite well, and my first comment made that clear. You assumed that the Double event was compensation for the outage over the past weekend and I informed you that this what Funcom has done prior to the end of the BP ending to allow people to finish it before a new BP takes it’s place. The failure to comprehend is on you.

And I quoted where Funcom said themselves it was. Do you need me to quote it again?

It was NOT an assumption
From March 4th to March 6th we will be running an event to thank you all for sticking with us during last weekend.

More over, what is the title to the thread?

They do no say it’s compensation. Thanking us for being patient over the weekend is just that, you’re reading too deep into this.

Addition: It’s also hard to take this as compensation when they’ve run these events before, how is it any different from the event they ran the last time the BP ended?

The point of the thread.

As I said we went through a 4 day no play weekend and got bupkis. And every one seems ok with this being the extent our parentage is valued by Funcom.

Done on PC,

Rank 20 on Ps4/Ps5
Brother plays so randomlly I think he’s manage to remember to cash them in handful of times and is rank 5. XD

I thought the point of the post was that XBOX and PS didn’t get Gathering x 2, but PC did for some reason, I’m not even sure if I’m right anymore

:crazy_face: I’m setting my alarm for 5:30 a.m. now! :pick:

:raised_hands: Tomorrow morning the Exiled Lands will be farmed empty before breakfast. :partying_face:

Certainly part of it. I suppose there is some tech reason they can’t offer it, console servers or something.



This also may suggest no one cares enough about it to completet it. That would be a bad sign, since so much effort went into putting in the game.

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You not seeing it sort of proves my point. If I had posted the same thing about some one else I guaranty that post would have been hidden in no short order.

See what? I’m genuinely confused, there is no post that’s being replied to. Is this hidden post in the room with us right now?