Does anyone encountered a bug when you can't play on any server because of constant disconnects, and then being unable to reconnect?

My friend can’t play on any server (official or not, battleeye protected or not) for more than 10-15 minutes, then he receives “lost connection to the server” and cannot reconnect because he getting “failed to join requested game” message. After some time he can join the servers again but only to get disconnected. Half year ago he played CE without any issues.

What he tried (some of the possible solutions i googled):

Reinstalling game and battle eye, checking for errors
Playing single player for some time (sp works fine)
Updating drivers
Using vpn
Disabeling antivirus and firewall

What can be the cause of this, and what else can he try to solve this problem? He does not speak english and so he asked me to find help.

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