Does anyone know how many bases can you build in pvp

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How many bases can you build in the game.Does anyone know.I would like more than 1 bases on diffrent locations.

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I play in single player only so not sure how much help this is but I think the only issue you would have would be having multiple beds. Outside of that I think you can have as much as you want.

Bases as many as you want but you are limited to 2 spawns 1 bed and 1 bedroll

that is good to know

To expand on the spawn point. Placing a second bedroll destroys the first one but you can place many beds. The last bed placed or interacted with will be your bed spawn location. You can place and keep beds at all bases, just interact to update when you want to change location.

Something I didn’t know, figured beds would destory like bedrolls.