Number of bases allowed per tribe

I’ve re-read the rules as I wanted to check how many bases a tribe can have on PVE server but I couldn’t find it sorry. So could I have clarification on this please ? :see_no_evil::smiling_face:

At least one base for each clan member.

There is no such limit. It isn’t the number that matters, it is how and where you put them that does.

Thank you, im only having 1 main base but also thinking of having 1 or 2 small little ones in 2 differwnt locations as the map as its so big lol

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We call them outposts!
Yes you can have as many as you can handle, but focus in some important things!
1st, make sure you destroy no knowledge point, you don’t block and have distance both from camps and other people structures. Your purge may hit your outpost and your neighbors too because it happens to be close. So your neighbor won’t be happy with it :wink:. Or the other way around!
2nd. Build only the necessary on outposts and use minimum decoration possible. No decoration even better for the performance of the server. And use low number of lights since you play on PlayStation! Help the others to render your outpost easy. If nobody is annoyed, nobody will report you, so no problem :man_shrugging:. Try to build smart and beautiful and nobody will be ever annoyed :wink:
3. Tp stones! Put them in open, not inside your building, on your yard for example that’s accessible from everyone. This way if you have another 2 in other places of the map you won’t have to enclose them, everyone can use it so you’ll make allies in the server. If you place dancers on the top so the users will loose corruption too, the server fellow exiles will be grateful! Here’s an example

The dancer is up there safe from mobs and npcs attacks and the stone is available for use from literally everyone.
Try not to rename them so the user knows where he travels!

Last but not least! Your presence in the server is not enough to refresh the decay timers of each of your construction. You have to visit your outposts if you don’t want them to decay. So make sure to have only the ones you need because you will spend a lot of gaming time just to refresh something that you barely use!
If you ask me, because i 've done it a lot in the past it’s stupid! Now we have the third perk on agility and all the distances are really small. So it’s better to use outposts for objectives and when your objective from this area is done destroy it and build it in another area that you need to explore!
Don’t preserve outposts for just in case, it’s wrong for many reasons.
Build with responsibility and play as a free fearless man!
Have fun exile!