Official server base count

How many base can I do in official pvp server ?

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That’s really player preference. How many bases do you want to defend?

Do you raid during the allotted time, or do you watch your event log?

Are you solo or in a clan?

There’s a lot of dicey variables.

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Also whether they’re on pvp or PvE. On PvE it doesn’t matter… that being said, I personally prefer one large main base and several small outposts or transports around the map. Those that find the need to make massive bases all over are pretty toxic.


I want to be safe, I am raided every day by an alliance of 3 clans. I want to have many bases but duno want to be banned for that

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On pvp you can be banned for just playing as I understand… so pick your poison I guess. :roll_eyes:


Sounds about right for over there. :triumph: I hate the politics in pvp.

If you’re trying to build to protect some of your stuff go small and somewhere inconvenient to be.

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Anything you can be banned on pvp can also be grounds for PvE servers as well. There isn’t the motivation to report on PvE so you don’t see it as much. Satellite bases are frowned upon because of how they tend to just keep growing as you play. Where once it was a teleporter only to get star metal, there is now a kitchen, a den, a map room to match the neighbors, 5 stories of crafting and 30 thralls.

There is no magical number that makes or breaks you in terms of TOS enforcement. The number they have provided is 1 but that isn’t the full picture since teleporters and map rooms have purpose in the game. So what it really boils down to is how far do you want to tempt the Fates?
As far as PVP officials go? You got 3 established clans against you, you’re never going to get a fair shake in that and I bet they have more time and members that you do. The end result, regardless of what you do or how well you play is clear. Another great example of how the no wipe policy encourages new players.


The same can be done on PVE, the only difference is the behaviour in that the report system is weaponized to win.

There’s been plenty of anecdotal reports that PVErs suffer from some who want a spot or as petty as not liking a persons build, ToC notwithstanding.

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There is no limit BUT each has to have a purpose and you need to use it regularly.

If you’re solo, have stashes in hidden bases around the map. Having a main is great but use it as bait. Don’t keep your most important loot there.

Keep moving, keep them guessing.

Alternatively, as erjoh pointed out, numbers help. Consider getting a clan together and make sure its people you trust if you do.

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Agreed… that’s why it takes a sense of self control. I’ll build full immersive builds for my teleporters, but I try to minimize what I have in them to keep them smaller. I also like to blend it theme my builds so they’re not so obnoxious. A small house by the lake with a cooking station, dismantling bench, and some chests makes a nicer option than a full base with tons of stuff you only use when you’re in the area. I can easily go back to my main base and process tons of stuff instead. Also, if you’re building near an area to farm thralls, but there’s not a bunch of thralls there, you can teleport them back to your base to put them on a wheel and come back. Not every base needs a wheel.



Lol… don’t provoke the people. :rofl:

I recently was on a server where a player had like 8 small wheels right in front of the mounds’ village entrance. :expressionless:

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That is so irritating, my first thought is to nuke it from space. Players like that definitely get put on my naughty list.

@Gringo as to your OP, one base can be more than enough for a ban and sometimes three bases can’t be close to enough, while half the bases banned are twice as big as any you’d not see banned if you had your priorities straight. In other words, no one knows, even after an accumulated playtime of tens of thousands of hours.


Yeah, well, you’re a builder like I am… it’s an obvious trigger. :expressionless:

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On the ground or with foundations?

I’m just glad that happens cross platform. :joy:

On foundations.

And yeah… PvE on PlayStation official. :roll_eyes:

They even stayed there AFTER timers were cut down. Like, by the time you’re done filling a few of them, they’ll be broken on the first one or two. Totally unnecessary.

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