How many is too many satellite bases?

Now before you put that foot in that stirrup, no this has nothing to do with any rules or restrictions, just curiosity because I am building satellite bases.

Just how many are too many?

When I’m playing single player I have a maproom plus a large wheel of friendship at every obelisk.
On PVE I can usually have very few satellite bases because courteous people have built maprooms all ready; if not I will :wink:

Right now I have my modest main base, a 3x3x3 cube fishing dock, A couple gaits set up because I didn’t want a short cut blocked off. In it I have a log off room; 2x3x2. And a warm up storage base up north for star metal. Once I unlock the teleport stones, I’m going to set up a couple of small bases to loot hot peppers, and mine gold. I think this is kind of minimalist.

I don’t do PVP, I find PVE trolls aggravating enough so I am sure how many satellite bases are too many would be different for PVP.

How do you run satellite bases? {minimalist, Taj Mahal, something in between}
How many do you have?
How many do you think is too many?

I’ve told you how I do it, and where right now. As far as how many is too many? Anything reasonable. Now my satellite bases are never more then about 1K blocks. But then I’m a minimalist builder. None the less one per obelisk is more then reasonable. One per obelisk plus one per town/city, sounds good. Two per obelisk is almost but not quite the other side of reasonable. Three would really be pushing it. But that really is dependent.

When I was working buccaneers bay I had to make a map room, elevator, and big friendship wheel, 3 bases. They were built at separate times for convenience.


So this discussion has nothing to do with Officials then, correct?

No. I’m on an official, but nothing to do with official servers.

If on a private server, I read and obey their rules. This varies from server to server so there is no easy way to say what is too many.

If on single player it really doesn’t matter, I can pave the entirety of the map in Argossean if I want.

I think this should be dictated on how much of it you actually use.
Like if you set up a bunch of satellite bases, but you rarely ever go there aside from maybe refreshing decay and even then the size of it is only dictated by the decay and you don’t actually “need” that base… then maybe you don’t actually need that base - if that makes sense.

Now on my server I have the luxury of disabling decay so I don’t have to worry about that.
Currently I have 0 maprooms since I unlocked teleportation before the maprooms and they’re much smaller and more convenient so I really don’t need any.

I also wouldn’t keep a wheel next to each obelisk, it seems excessive imo, it’s not like you’re really ever gonna fill them all up and if you are, then chances are you’ll get all the thralls you need and afterwards they’ll sit there empty for no reason. I have one medium wheel outside of Sepermeru, a large one at my old desert base and another medium one close to my current base in the north. That’s too much as it is but I wanted to make sure I can put a rare crafter to train at any point even if I’m training an army of expendable purge defense soldiers :stuck_out_tongue:

I do have however about 7 transport stones, 2 of them at my bases, the old starter one in the desert (that’s kind of a farm now with Emberlight mods adding ostrich and goat enclosures), the new base in the north with is the house I posted in share your shelter and the other 5 have tiny 2x3x1 Flotsam shacks with a dancer inside… so no massive building, just enough to make sure the dancer doesn’t die.
All of this… and I’m still under 1k blocks total :stuck_out_tongue: at like 980 or so with the 2 bases and 5 outposts.

So obviously people will play differently, I typically don’t like to keep up more buildings or make the buildings larger than I need to… even like this… there’s a ton of extra RP space… I made a whole sorcery dedicated room with just that bench in there and all the arcane decorations… etc… so even like this more space than I need. If I wanna mess around with castle building I typically do that in a single player file.


whit sorcery i only need a small littel sattelite base weehl of friendship (i like this :grin::blush:) is in my main base so ive i found a friend i teleport me back whit him . A littel bigger i go close to a flood summoning place whit sacrefies tabel and 2 wheel of friendship when i start the friendship open air :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It really depends on many, many things. Obviously, it depends on what those satellite bases are like. There’s a difference between building a smallish structure to house whatever it is that you need to place there – be it fish traps, a wheel, a transportory stone, or whatever – and building a whole freaking castle on each spot you happened to like :slight_smile:

But it also depends on how many people play on the server. Not just in terms of concurrent players being logged in at the same time, but also in terms of how many people came to the server and plopped their stuff down.

For example, on the server where I’m currently playing, I have my main base, a public map room right in front of it, and a small sorcery outpost near Voyager’s Vigil (5 sacrificial stones, 5 shallow graves, and 1 transportory stone). I really want to place two more outposts:

  • a transportory stone outpost near the Mounds so I can drag zerkers to the sorcery outpost without having to drag them to my main base first
  • another outpost in the volcano with some temporary storage so I can offload stone in there while I’m doing one of my mining runs, and then take the whole yield to my main base through a transportory stone

Those wouldn’t be big or obtrusive, but I’m not building them yet, because the server is already overbuilt. Too many new and returning players came in and built a shitload of stuff without a care for anyone else. As a result, the server soils itself every time there are 20+ players on it.

So how many is too many? For me, that depends on whether the server is full of jerks or not :stuck_out_tongue:

As for how I run them, I try to make them no bigger than they need to be to house the stuff I want to put in there, in terms of surface area. I try to make them look nice and decorate them, but I’ll usually do that by expanding upwards instead of outwards.

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Sounds right. :wink:

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“Then, shalt thou count to three. No more. No less. Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, nor either count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached…”


Since the addition of the portals, there are literally hundreds of small portal shaped bases cropping up everywhere. It’s interesting.

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EXACTLY! The teleporters have really turned this game into something completely different.

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In multiplayer? Depends on the server. If playing on a small server (less than 5-10 online at a time) than having one or two probably isn’t bad. Anything more than that then I would say even one base outside your main base is too much.

This sounds a tad draconian or strict, but you have to take into consideration that every base you make, is one less base location someone else can have. We pick base locations on personal preferences, either because of location, resources, or aesthetics. Its not too far fetched to see others liking the same areas. So when you have two of them. You’re taking up your share and someone else’s share.

One has to remember that they share a server with others.

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You lost me

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no can mean yes :laughing:

I’m not sure, but I think they meant that they personally play on an official server, however the question was not restricted to that context and it’s not in any way meant to be a discussion of the official server rules so people who play on other servers are free to throw in their thoughts as well :stuck_out_tongue:
At least that’s how I took it!

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What -_-

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pardon my confusion :smiling_face:

One is too many. I dislike satellite bases lol.

All seriousness,

I have read that Funcom have said that multiple bases dispersed around the map is grounds for suspension. As for too many, well much of how we interpret Funcom TOS is subjective because there are no minimums detailed. Just be careful I suppose.

Good luck.

Are you insinuating that this post actually includes officials?