Main base, outpost, outpost, outpost,

I wonder how many bases (main and outposts) you build on a server.
I built my main base in low level area, all sandstone, even built a small arena to fight bosses.
Then moved close to The Den, built a pyramid (sandstone and T2), but next I want to build close to New Asgarth, and I guess I might need to buy close to volcanos and Sepermeru for Thralls.
Is that right?

Unless you are playing on a private server which has player-written and inforced rules about the number of bases you can have, then you can build as many places as you like.
On a server with a decay timer it means you have to visit each location before the decay time expires.
the more bases you have the more places the purge likely to attack, so you need to be ready to get from anywhere on the map to any of your bases within the purge impending warning timer which flashes on your screen and have them prepared and defendable from the random purge mobs that can attack.

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I like to build small waystations with wells.

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Alternatively, if you trust teleporting with thralls on the rope you could rely on present maprooms or a secured one you build for yourself. Then you can teleport to one (or two to throw off snipers) locations where you can securely place them in the wheel. I like Klael’s Stronghold for a beefy protected thralling base up high. You can gather from Set City, and you can teleport to it easily.

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Is the maproom with thrall on rope supposed to be intended? I always thought it was just a bug because of the way it works.

That’s a good question. In admin mode on the server I administer I fast-travel everywhere with them either on the rope or on follow, so from my point of view it looks like a feature.

On the plus side, if they removed it, you’ll likely have a structure large enough to hold a wheel or two!

On follow seems like a feature. Just not sure about knocked out on a rope. I try not to use the maproom with a thrall on a rope just in-case it is a bug and they end up removing the ability to do it at some point. Would feel bad to go back to running across the map with them again.

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I used to have bases all over the map for taking thralls. Problem with that is the decay. When you take a break from the game to play something else for a bit. You have to run all over the map to reset the timers. It starts to feel like work and is not enjoyable.

Now I just have the one base. So if I’m feeling a little burnt out from conan I can just pop on for a little bit take care of some things at my base then hop back off. It’s much more enjoyable for me now.


I’ve got my main base in near the Black Galleon, but outposts at the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts, Northern Sandswept Ruins, Sepermeru, and Buccaneer’s Bay, and Sinkhole. Another member of my clan has their main base near the Northern Aqueduct. There are also small bases at New Asagarth, Mounds of the Dead, Frost Temple, Volcano, Riversend (my alt acct), and Unnamed City’s Dawn Gate.

Since it’s a PvE server, all of them have public maprooms, dancers, water, and shelter. Other high level clans have done similar by the other obelisks.

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I’ve just finished knocking most of my outposts down, now that you can teleport with thralls I’ve just got map rooms near the major thrall camps now. I left one at the jungle for gold farm and a shack with my map room near sep city silver mine. Other than that I’ve just got my main near Gods Claw.


Thrall teleporting has really changed the need for me. And for the better. We dont need 10 outposts to manage things now. Which doesnt clog up the server as much. I mean. If you have an outpost you generally need thralls to defend it. Less thralls less problems.


On our community server we do not have such a regulation… so main base, outposts, outposts outposts.

Somehow stupid. Everyone on the server builds under two to three rules his base where he wants and how many he wants.

If a base is abandoned then the decay takes care of it.

Has worked wonderfully so far.

Building here in the game is a core element. It’s idiotic to prevent players from doing that.

Bound enemies follow thru teleports now?

Edit: platform - XBOX

On PC they are at least. Mind you, the binding rope seems to stretch off into infinity, so not sure where the body would fall if you drop them or try climbing. But I’ve been able to successfully put thralls on my wheels when going thru maprooms so long as I don’t drop them.

Kinda hoping that they keep this and fix the rope stretching because it would make it so that it’s no longer necessary for PvE players to have outposts everywhere…


I had one on the ‘infinity rope’ this morning when I accidentally climbed a fence in my base, dropping them. They were nowhere to be seen until I had run out of render range and back in, then the (still unconscious) thrall was found at the spot I started climbing.

YMMV, but maybe it’ll help someone.


Good to know, I was too afraid to try! :laughing:

I have my main base at ******* and an FOB at *******. Plus there are 2 more minor bases at ******* and the very far ******* end by *******.

I play on official PVP, so yeah, can’t share :slight_smile:

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apparently this works on xbox now also. friend told me over discord and pretty much nobody else knew either.
Now im suddenly curious what this looks like from the POV of another player watching his buddy drag a thrall to the wheel. Does the bound npc stay there then start shooting toward the player or just boringly disappear with the player?

Does it work with admin teleport in solo / co-op, or just with maproom teleport ? If it does it’ll make the life easier for us solo players. No need to build outposts with just a wheel of pain in it everywhere on the map to get thralls.

Not sure, I play on an official so no admin access here.