Suburban Sprawl

So I started over a couple of weeks ago, to take advantage of everything I learned on another server, and as I was looking for possible base locations, I realized something. To have a successful base you need all of the following:

  • 6x6 (or bigger) house/workshop for your crafting stations and storage.

  • 4x5 religious shrine (at least one)

  • 6x6 tier-2 Wheel of Pain

  • 8x8 maproom and now …

  • 10x11 animal pens.

No matter how I rearrange these things on paper, that’s a space about 15x25 or 20x20 foundation blocks. More than that if you want more than one shrine. And you know what? There just aren’t that many 20x20 flat spaces in the game!

I don’t know what to do about this. I don’t even know if this is on purpose, to force even PvE players who want access to every possible service to clan-up so that they don’t need 10 of everything? All I know is that I don’t think there’s room for 40 or so cities on the map, each one about 1/3rd to 1/2 the size of Sepermeru or New Asagarth.

Sprall indeed. There are lots of places you can find the space if you look around. You may have to build more than one story up, or lay a lot of foundations down to get a big flat surface.

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Tons of places to do this on PvE, not so much in PvP.

The only saving grace for PvP is if you put your map room in a good place, people tend to leave it alone as they’ll use it themselves. Just don’t put your actual base with it.

But you’re gonna find very limited places where you can do that big of a base in PvP and still be well defensible.


IMHO this just means fewer unraidable bases. If you want to benefit from gods, maprooms, pets etc you can’t build your perfected anti-climb pillar base.

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