What's with the huge structures?

Came back to the game to see all these new, giant workbenches. Why does Funcom keep pushing us to build bigger bases? The massive animal pen annoyed me when it was released, but at least animals weren’t necessary. Now as a solo official pvp player I simply cannot build a compact base tucked away somewhere. It’s not even worth playing tbh.

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The old workbenches are still there, though…

That’s the point if you want small hidden base the you have to go for smaller and less efficient work benches but if you want better and efficient weapons and armors at a better speed you will have to get a bigger base. Wether players like this or not is a different matter

Ps I’m on Xbox and I want this change and others but I have to wait :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Right, so it puts solo players at an even bigger disadvantage.


Well “build” is in all the promo statements…



My dear friend maybe you have a point here, but solo pvp? To go against a 10 person’s clan? How good player you are? I am not trying to piss you off but I think that your way of thinking is wrong. Yes it is your decision to play solo on a team game and no others, still my suggestion is to find - meet other players, fix a clan and you will really enjoy this game. I am a pve lover, still clans in pve are almost useless. Somehow, like you I wander a lot in pvp servers to find teammates. But when I finally found them the game was totally different. Trust me, if you play this game with persons you match the experience is fantastic. I really miss my clan, not pvp, just them.

What’s wrong with that?

I have friends whom I’ve gamed with for 10-30 years. My best friend, who is like a brother, we have been playing games since the mid 80s. When we operate in multiplayer games we don’t even need voice to communicate what we are going to do, we know each other well enough that subtle movements of our characters is enough.

With that said. Why shouldn’t that level of cooperation, that level of experience working together, and that amount of synchronous gameplay between players not count for something? Why shouldn’t it be rewarded?

Being sociable, charismatic, having an ability to work cooperatively with others, and being a team player is a skill all of its own. One that should never be mitigated by game mechanics and due to the effort (in some case decades) required, it should be celebrated and rewarded.

Lets not patronize the people with no friends with artificial and arbitrary training wheels. Its pretty easy to make friends in Conan. Make a thread saying LFG, there’s dozens of clans waiting to bring you into the fold.

And if you don’t want that, then you simply don’t want to win. So you won’t.

Not it depends one good saying

When the enemy has superior numbers we can not fight them in the open thus we must adapt tactics to survive.

The art of war- make sound in the east and strike in the west

As a solo you are hard to find where a clan of 10 with mass structures and large army’s are hard to move unnoticed but you cannot relying on head to head to win think smart and watch your enemies moves. Learn more about them and their patterns and you can win

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all these words over some game lol. having friends to play with is the advantage in and of itself. you don’t need extra mechanical advantages as well.


Why not? Never mind the fact that the listed items don’t do anything for group play specifically. But why shouldn’t we have mechanical advantages?

With 30,000-90,000 hours put into building relationships for coordination doesn’t come close to the few hours you spent getting a legendary. Throwing a bone towards that doesn’t seem unwarranted.

What the hell are you talking about? Don’t you understand that just having a clan IS the advantage? You gather more resources, have more defenses, have more bodies to raid and defend. I’m honestly over this issue now, but your nonsensical logic here is driving me to keep replying.


I like the big new structures. They look cool. Just don’t like that everything is so divided. You have to go to too many benches to get something crafted. And then I forget which one does what. So I havent really crafted anything in like a month.

The question isn’t about the advantage, the question is how much effort is needed. Consider the amount of hours put into getting a group of players together that will actually stick together and work together. Now compare that time to the advantage you get in levels, gear, and progression in game.

So yes, there should be force multipliers that get tacked on for having cooperation. The whole should be greater than the sum of the parts.

Consider the amount of hours put into moving from hiding spot to hiding spot or having to learn everything by yourself because you don’t have clanmembers to ask. Consider the amount of hours you spend on farming everything by yourself.

Clearly solo players should get way more advantages.

Ps. I might be sarcastic


No kidding, especially considering I’ve spent more time setting up relationships and practicing coordination for more hours than Conan Exiles has even existed. By nearly orders of magnitude.

So because you did stuff that had nothing to do with the game, but randomly benefitted you in the game, you think you deserve more? lol

I had to go through 3-4 clans to find a good one… You just started with old friends… I clearly deserve more :stuck_out_tongue:


Gather more resources is a if by me one person equals you providing for one but make 10 and then you have extra space needs and no this and that so the gathering is basically equal in a since so to speak but I get what you mean

On paper it is equal. In reality not so much…

One player farms for 10 hours, and gets bored to death.

10 players farm for one hour each and have 9 hours to do other more enjoyable stuff.

They farmed the same amount, but anyone can figure out what is more fun.

I enjoy playing solo sometimes and I also enjoy being in a clan. But being solo is a chore compared to being in a clan.

Ofc you don’t need as many mats and gear as solo, but you still have to make a trip to get black ice / star metal (and maybe another or more for star metal if you’re unlucky), a trip to get brim, to get crystal, go farm weapons, farm wood/stone etc etc. You still need all the different types of mats… You end up spending half the farming time running all around the map to get everything.

I build huge buildings. Even an entire city. And yet I have no self esteem related issues regarding my man-parts. If you attempted to insult me, you failed.

More seriously: many who play this game are attracted to it by the incredible freedom to build and the creativity it allows. They’re not playing the game “wrong” if they focus on the “Build” aspect of “Survive. Build. Dominate.”

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