Does everyone use pistols?

I’m asking because based on the relative prices of agents, it seems like everyone must be using pistols.

Or, being Secret World, there is a mass conspiracy against us.


Pistol is a weapon you see more often in dps role.
Personally I role with shotgun/blood…has more bang for me.

I’m an angel with a shotgun…I even got wings:

I guess I always thought it was some other combinations that made up the tank/healer/dps metas. I got the impression that people hue hue’d our pew pew. Agent prices has me convinced that was all a smoke screen and everyone and their pets have pistols. :blush:

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You also need to take the upgrading system into account. During the Betas and for a while after release Dual Pistols were considered BIS weapons with both strong DPS and Healing. This means that a LOT of the longest playing, most dedicated, and most resource rich, players are playing Pistols. And the grind to get a new weapon up to snuff compared to those Pistols is absolutely horrifying. So they don’t do it. Heck, I haven’t even gotten mine to Red yet, and I still can’t bring myself to change ('course, the fact that they look really cool on my character also helps :sunglasses: ).

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AR main hand, have had fist in offhand, currently got Ele, will soon use a shotty. So no.

Personally I never really liked the akimbo pistol style. It is silly, impractical, and looks not a little bit ridiculous when you have to make animations based around that, versus firing a pistol in a more realistic manner. Of course so is firing a shotgun from the hip. And of course we are actually using magic, not really shooting.

I know it is all done for style reasons, just like shotguns have no stocks and are fired from the hip in the game to differentiate them from rifles, but I like none of it.

Now to the original question, I use pistols firstly because I always liked pistols in TSW, with such a unique supportive toolset they had there, so they were my first weapon in SWL. I firmly locked into them, though, because one of the first special weapons I got from opening caches was a set of Anima touched pistols of havoc. They have proven to be indispensable in surviving scenarios for the self healing. The passives largely suck, though.

Pretty sure it’s expensive because it’s Andy and everyone loves him. Nassir’s also expensive even though almost noone likes playing with Rifles*

*not true

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But the new one is the same way! I thought that, but the one who starts with a W is full on, Dr. Evil, one million dollars! I got a drop early in the new content that was in the same ‘class’ (CP + 7% Weapon) and figured I’d be able to trade it for the pistol one, but it’s listed right up there with Andy.

So either we all really do play pistols, or everyone else is colluding against pistol owners. :disappointed:

This is why ^^:

Info: Thrash-Metal from germany. The song begins at 1:48. The refrain is “The Gunslingers Credo” from Stephen Kings “The Dark Tower”-Books. :wink:

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Maybe we need a poll?
I personally don’t like them and don’t use them. :thinking: And 7% agent for my weapons of choice are also ridiculously expensive. So I wonder…

Hammer/Ele here never touched a pistol in my life.

Too bad your aren’t Chaos, because I got a new 7% drop for that, and it seems like people are just giving those away compared to the pistol ones. Was hoping to trade my Ann for a Wekesa, but something about pistols makes them over priced. :disappointed:

My main is ele/claws
Though currently leveling everything
Alt sword/pistols

I have six alts, all with different weapon combinations.
Among them, I only have ONE Pistol skill.
I can’t quite word why, but I don’t like how they feel.

People are just trying to take advantage of buyers by posting the new agents at insane prices.

Their thinking is that there are rich whales who will pay anything to get their hands on the new agents right now.

The prices will drop to more reasonable levels within a week or two.


Actually reading that series. On book 3 now.


I think this is a part of it, and also that people are just willing to pay whatever price for the agents. If someone set the initial price at 500k then the next guy is going to be at 490k or whatever, where a lot of regular blue mission agents the high is 100k and so the next highest is 99k.

But that’s the confusing part to me, it just seems to be the pistol ones with the 7% (and Nasir, of course). Wekesa clocks in at 1 million, where Andy is still holding steady. The other ones in the same class as her, far less than half that.

So it seems like it’s more than just a newness thing. I just looked at it as supply and demand, and assuming all those have the same relative supply level, then it must be demand, no? Which made me wonder: Is everyone secretly using pistols? :thinking:

I tested Pistol in beta, and didn’t like it at all. The chamber system seemed a thing what takes too much of attention. I like my violence simple, Hammer and Shotgun are simple.

Dual wielding pistols is also something what I cant relate, its just stupid and too much of a movie thing.
I have seen only one movie where pistols are used like they are meant to be used… and Tom have had good instructor in this movie.