Does Funcom have the rights to use content from the 80's Marvel comics?

Reading through some of my old Savage Sword mags and seeing some familiar things. Does Funcom only have the rights to the Robert E Howard novels and shorts, or can they pull from other licensed media. I know Red Sonja was created by marvel as well.

Red Sonja is owned by a completely different group than Conan, which is why when the Red Sonja movies was being made and they wrote the initial script to have Conan in it and even cast Arnold for the role they were unable to obtain the license for the character and had to re-write it to make Arnold’s character someone completely different.

So, Red Sonja is owned by RedSonjaLLC where as Conan is owned by Funcom and have recently partnered with Titan Comics for a new line of comics for 2023 (if you are interested in comics). Thus, no Funcom does not have the rights to Red Sonja. I believe they do have the rights to Red Sonya though but she would NOT fit in the Hyborian Age (and is the name basis for the Red Sonja character).

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I got in to Conan during the Dark Horse Comics. Read a few of the books after. There is a lot of Conan lore to work with.

King Kull.

Roy Thomas’ version of Red Sonja was partially inspired by REH’s Red Sonya of Rogatino. As for the rights, Red Sonja LLC holds the rights to the 1973 Roy Thomas version

No, they don’t have the rights to the comics. For all intents and purposes, the canon that the game relies on pulls only from books written in the Conan IP for the Conan IP

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Kull of Atlantis is from the Thurian Age, not the Hyborian Age. The Thurian age was from 35,000-40,000 B.C.E. The Hyborian Age came after the Great Cataclysm which ended the Thurian Age and lasted until around 10,000 B.C.E. So yeah, you can’t really fit King Kull into the Hyborian Age. Plus, if you read the Hyborian Age essay you would see that the Cimmerians are the decedents of the remnants of the Atlantians who survived the Great Cataclysm so again, no place for Kull to exist.

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Time…travel…sorcery? could happen, bet Kevin Sorbo isnt busy right now, reprising his role and voice acting Kull would be noice.

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Time travel can happen, and there’s already examples of it present in the game. But I doubt there will be any Conan and Kull crossover, especially with Kevin Sorbo given his… existence lately.


Understatement of the century.

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