Don't know how to report

Can I report some players attacking out of raid time in official servers?


Attacking out of raid time

PVP servers allow you to attack a player at any time.
Its not possible to damage buildings outside of the raid window.

Well… I found a hole in my base and was all empty . Saw event list and all damage was from 4 am to 8 am. Raid window is from 5 pm to 11 pm. I have screenshots

Make sure the server timezone is the same as your timezone.

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I’m sure that 4 - 8 am is not raid period

I am still not convinced that your 4-8 am is also server 4-8 am. Maybe you live in Brazil and your server is in Russia but long story short for reporting such issues you can prepare a detailed report and message Hugo or Ignasis with it.

Then why can I attack an Enemy base from 5 pm to 11 pm (thats the raid period)

However, I see the forum is useless. I just asked if anyone can tell me how to report and u all searching for stupid reasons, ty all.

Where not ruling out that you have potential hackers. Its just that people are just trying to rule out the most obvious first. Your not providing any info like a screenshot of your server settings along with your time zone to verify. The bulk of the time that’s the problem. @Ignasi Could probably help you.

If I’m not sure about the timezone, first I would try to verify that. But I’m playing with old players and them told me about the raid period, so I’m sure about that.

Like I said, I have screenshots saved but still on my ps4 to send to any CM.

Sorry for my rage, but I just see ppl make questions about my timezone.

If someone living in brazil is playin Russian server should change server but Im in EU playing EU server, so I guess timezone can change like 2h max.

Sorry for my bad english too and thank u all for answer the post

Its not related with time zone or hack!! The case is… tehre are npcs with orbes where you can make them atack your base if you know how to do it!


Then I understand that like a glitch. Raid period is useless if anyone can attack buildings at any time.

Ty for the advice, I’ll build where that npc can’t damage my home.

I still want to know how to report

Then read my msg again. I already replied to you how but you called us useless …

As mention, you can Message hugo or one of other community mangers.

Try to be specific with the details.

You can also post in PS4 section about details in issue. (treat it as a bug) Don’t name names, as its against rules.

As for “useless” comment. Most of us have been on forums for awhile. Many of us are aware of how contact them and what they are asking you.

Many users have come thru here, saying raid time is “this” and then get informed “raid time is based on server”
And A LOT of users find there not giving right time zone. Its just a common issue and we are just trying to make sure your on same page.
So when you do make a Post in ps4 section with info about it. It’ll help narrow it out.

Your not 1st person to report attacks outside of raid time. Don’t take responses as attack on your smarts. =D

Reporting player is done privately thru PM’s. Can’t name and shame, just not fair to all parties. (you could be wrong, it happens)

If you feel its outside of raid times, and is exploit or bug that you can figure out.

BE AWARE! This is not a Report the Player Tool, Its report a exploit tool.

I didn’t say that you are useless but maybe the forum is.

I tryed to send a PM to a CM but I’m noob here and couldn’t find the option to send it.

Like I said yesterday, I’m sorry for my reaction but I was angry about the attack and the questions about timezone.

After reading all you and talk with my friends, seems like that exploit is known by the community and it’s still working. I hope one day could be fixed.

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