Don't you care about us anymore?

Why don’t you care anymore.
Sendt a petition 4(!) days ago!!! No response. Bought in total now 24k funcome points and got 0. Sendt mail, no response!!
Why don’t you care about the remaining players who still enjoy AoC???

Waiting for more than 24 hours for a GM to respond to a petition is a disgrace. Waiting for a respond on a mail to customer service for more than 2 days is a disgrase!!
If you want AoC to die why not sell it to someone who will develop the game and take care of the remaining players?

And why are you so afraid to talk to us? Be there for us when we need you cos we love this game?
Sell the game so we can have some fun in it again!


Omg I wish they would sell it to someone who would introduce all the necessary, small fixes(mostly for PvP), do an actual good job with the marketing, and keep the rest of the game running as it is. This game needs so little for a health boost. I’m sure my old buddies and everyone elses old buddies would come back to the game and sub.

Lack of vote-kick and joinins as duo in minigames litreally made my entire guild quit the game. Those were two main reasons that decided.

Anyway, someone in other topic said that you have to get pretty loud about your petition outside of forums(twitter) for them to notice, especially if it’s that important. Buying 24k points and not getting even one of them is serious so you could try that.

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Don’t have twitter, but can sign up there just for this.
Petty it is like this, so little for it to come back alive and back to it’s glory days and they do NOTHING.
Saw that topic to :slight_smile: Just have to do whatever it takes.
Bug problem is the destiny quests in Tortage, it bugged out at the beginning of Awakening 2 and then it stops the entire line…


You know how long the wait times are it even says on the petition page that they are having trouble keeping up Andy and spineosaurus are working 3 games!

But this same thing has happened to me in the past …just send a i game petition on the funcom website with the purchase Id number and it’s resolved next day …but I never receive a response …ingame petetions get you no where atm

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You’re better off just deleting that toon and creating a new one. I am not defending them when it comes to answering petitions (some of us pays subs, it REALLY shouldn’t be like this), however it’s pretty clear that the wait time is pretty long. Therefore, I think just creating a new toon immidietetly when this happened to you would’ve been a better idea :stuck_out_tongue:

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Smuggled it out of Tortage and it is 53 now, just need to do the Destiny questline. Biggest problem are the funcom points I haven’t got yet…
And I am still premium for another 11 months.

Sent them a new mail now with the billing numbers and said I was tired of waiting for them t respond. Hopefully I get the points soon :slight_smile:

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Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2: don’t expect a response thought I never even got a resolved ticket

Did you get it resolved in the end ?

Yes, I got the points in the end after sending them message with payment noumbers.

But after this I made another purchase of 12k points and I had to mail them again with number.
When I mail them it only takes a few hours and I get the points :slight_smile:

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The payment process is pretty crap once I bought 2 lots of 12000 the both failed …so bought another 12000 a week later and all transactions went through at once £240 my bank was light :joy::grin::grimacing::neutral_face::disappointed::cry: