DPC_Watchdog_Violation Error

Game mode: Private live
Problem: System Crash

While playing I get random full system crashes/BSOD code DPC_Watchdog_Violation.
I know this is most likly related to a driver issue but I have updated all of them without fixing the issue. My system is older but it runs the game fine, around 100fps fine.

I have a feeling it has to do with some kind of hardware conflict with Conan spacificly as I have no issues with any other game i play and I play a lot. Star Citizen, Dark Souls 3, Far Cry 5, Final fantasy XV, Nier: Automata, and many more all run perfectly fine.

Repro steps:
Itā€™s just random

Same hereā€¦ Have this problem only in unreal engine Gamesā€¦

Playerunknown Battlegrounds / Conan Exiles Runs for days or Weeks without problems, then Randomly crashes.
The last three days i canĀ“t play because of that tried everyday 10-15 timesā€¦

GTA V, Scum, Battlefield (all) , DayZ, Fallout, Spintires run with ultrasettings ever without any issueā€¦

So i dont think its a heat problemā€¦
might be some incompatible Settings or so.

No Overclocking!
i have tried reinstall Nvidia driver ( with drivercleaner)
Windows 10 x64 is up to dateā€¦
Firewall and antivirus deaktivated or deinstall donĀ“t help.
all combinations in windows engergy saversettings
Downclocking Gpu and Ram donĀ“t Help.
System is Prime95 Stable. (24hour)
Furmark run without any Problemsā€¦
Memtest shows no errorsā€¦

No Matter if testlive or stable version of Conanā€¦ Or online or Private

anyone have an Idea ?

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And @CaptainFist,

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You might want to read on https://www.thewindowsclub.com/dpc_watchdog_violation-blue-screen-in-windows-10 (And if after that you need any more clarification, follow the ā€˜Microsoftā€™ link in the article - if that doesnā€™t help, try sending a ticket to Microsoft support)

This error was not before reported on the forums, so sorry for the long wait, it mustā€™ve looked like a needle in a haystack!

I will also @Toolguy just to make him know of its existence. He need not reply :wink:

That was the first i Have doneā€¦ it DonĀ“t Help

The Dump File Says ntoskrnl.exe or nvlddmkm.sys

I donĀ“t understand why the maschine donĀ“t crash in other games.

I will Try asking MS but i donĀ“t belive they answerā€¦ Today most companies donĀ“t care if you have already payd their stuffā€¦

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