Dragon Horn question

Is dragon horn not harvested from the red dragon? All I get is bone, and we are talking a dozen or more kills here.

1 horn per dragon, any dragon for me. I don’t know what tool you use. That might eliminate the horn from your harvest.

I’ve used them all, pick primarily

Which tool are you using

They drop reliably from the dragon hatchlings for me using the pick.

When in doubt Hatchet but you should be getting the horn with the pick too

Looks like it’s intended for the red and green dragons to drop the horns, but aren’t doing so as intended. So I’ve notified the devs. :slight_smile: Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

I got one in ps4 side, from red dragon, but only 1. Part of 1st hit. (got bone and 1 horn) every hit after is bone, heads etc.

I just assumed you got only the 1. XD (big ones anyway)

Yeah from my experience and testing it now, I only get one horn per dragon hatchling and I think that’s intended. Good to know you’re getting a horn from the red dragons on PS4! Seems maybe to only be a PC issue then?

Just throw some extra info from ps4 side, i think tuesday(or monday) i down my 1st (for that character anyway( red dragon (one at North gate of named city) Didnt get a horn.

Then saw this topic few days later.
Killed another, got 1 horn, and saw your post on hatching, which got me a few more. (I use pickaxe(pick+axe version)
Killed big one outside archivist room and got 1 on 1st hit again.

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Any horn drop has always been 1. Gazelle, goat, dragon but you always got 1. Not sure why the OP got robbed.

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