Dragon Harvesting

When harvesting a dragon, you should get reptile hide, thick hide, and Dragon Hide. Dragon Hide should give double thick leather and tar when put into the Tannery.

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That seems…excessive.

Dragon Hide should logically be the only thing you get.

I mean, when you think about it, you are harvesting a dragon. Why would some parts of it’s skin be dragon hide, while others are thick hide, and still others are reptile hide.

It’s like saying when you harvest an elephant you can get rhino hide, elephant hide, and thick hide.

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nah cuz dragons are also reptiles while elephants ain’t no rhinos bruh

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Well more like saying when you harvest an elephant you get elephant hide, plant fiber, and branches… (I am operating under the logic that any skin you get from a dragon that isn’t dragon skin is stomach contents… Which by that logic we should also be able to get bones and human skulls from cutting up a dragon.)

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@onezinho but that does not mean you call part of what you get reptile hide and part of it dragon hide. It’s ALL dragon hide.

This makes even less sense. Because anything taken from the stomach has been weakened or partially digested, and so shouldn’t logically be usable as a material.

Just seems like a cheap way of getting bonus resources.

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Perhaps for stuff like sticks and plant fiber, but for stuff like bones, skulls and putrid meat… well logically speaking that would be a partially digested thrall… (Pretty sure bones turn up in animal poop sometimes given that it’s harder to digest than flesh…)

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Well rotten meat is rotten meat. That doesn’t matter if it’s half-digested.

Using the Dragon hatchling as a reference:

Brimstone, Demon Blood, Dragonbone, Dragonhorn, Exotic Flesh

Those are the drops received. And that’s largely sufficient. If what you get was random, adding stomach contents just lowers the chance for all the others, which are far more important than basic stuff that you can easily get elsewhere.

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