Dragon powder recipe is changed?

Game mode: Official/Private
Problem: Steel fire recipe Half its normal cost.
Region: US

I know at one time test live had a version where dragon powder cost was reduced to 50 steel fire for the base (normally 100). There was an uproar from the forums that this would destroy the game. So it was changed pre-live release back to the 100 base. Well, it is now changed, and i believe it happened with the last patch that was bringing in elephants as pets. My understanding is that patch was based on a db not completely up to date with every minor pre release change.

If this is intended, i missed it in the notes.

And BTW, I may have missed the posts, but there is no one making an uproar on forums about this. Guess noob’s didn’t take over game after all with that going on for @1 week+. And funny how none of the Alphas who claimed it would hurt them, haven’t said a word??? (maybe because they haven’t had to craft dragon powder yet, due to the hoarded dead server vaults they have of it?)

Its been this way since before the latest update. I like it

I know 2-3 weeks ago it wasn’t (on PS4 at least), because i made a lot… and i mean a lot of dragon powder with a T4 alchie , and I know the improved fire bowl set up by heart.

Enough for 46 at a time
11 full stacks crystal + 1 stack of 50,
2 full stacks demon blood + 1 stack of 6,
1 stack brimstone, plus 1 stack of 30
23 stacks of steel fire (2 dp per stack)

Now it has changed to 68
17 full stacks of crystal
3 full stacks of demon blood, plus 1 stack of 8
1 full stacks of brimstone, plus 1 stack 140
17 full stacks of steelfire.

And i know this changed after the the 1.38 patch.

yes patch bought back the reduced costs for dragon powder, and i bet this is not intentional as they corrected it after we said, that reducing the hp of door by 2 & the cost of dragon powder by 2 was really not a good decision of game balance.

anyways i dont build anymore base, but just t1 outpost. no point to build a base with the game balance decision took; apart if you are a clan an able to be online during raid hour to defend, but i m not in this situation.

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Yes, their may be PVP official game killing exploits that may have no good ending.

  1. Leave as is when certain station is finally fixed, and tilt servers in favor exploiters, killing off any chance of new players ever playing from being bullied by the exploiters.
  2. Wipe all servers of mats
  3. Completely wipe and reset everything but character levels