Dregs minor issues


Singleplayer, testlive, no mods.

Enemy darfari fighter still falls into the entrance stone to the dungeon - usually only up to his waist - but even then, I was unable to strike him, while he is still freely able to deal damage to me. (Previously he has tended to sink in the same way, but was still possible to strike.)

Steps to reproduce -
(Go through Darfari camp at Skulkers end, or climb round cliffs, or) Cloak, and travel to the entrance to the Dregs - admin kill the archer at the top of the steps to minimize variables - uncloak and lead the fighter into the hallway and onto the entrance stone above the Dregs. Attempt to fight him there.

You should see that he clips into the ground/entrance stone, and becomes ‘invulnerable’ while part buried, but can still deal damage.

Current in-game workaround - backing up far enough from the entrance stone to get him to follow you off it, tends to get him to pop back up (but you have to kill him on it, to open the dungeon) - with timing you can get a strike or two in on him as he follows you back onto the entrance stone, before he sinks back into it.

Other minor issue - possibly intended - the Albino Komodo Dragons in the first section of the Dregs move around far faster than they used to - almost seeming to skim across the floor a little. I suspect this is intended, but it is also seeming to cause them to have more problems navigating the terrain. A couple of them just got stuck and confused and were unable to fight back until I knocked them away from the terrain they had lodged themselves to.

(Boss and skeletons all seem to be behaving properly. The Abysmal Remnant was even doing it’s lunge attack directly towards me - seems like someone fixed it’s cross-eyed problem :slight_smile: )


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