Dumb Question about PlayStation Controls

Hello Exiles

So total dumb question here, but I was watching some one playing the game on PC and saw that they could make the character walk backwards, strafe left and right without target lock on.

How do you do that with a PS4 controller? I use the stick and he turns left and right, but not in the same way as pC, and doesn’t walk backwards?


I’m a bit confused by the question because there are two sticks… one for turning and one for movement… you can even spin the camera backward on ps4 and look behind you while running forward. You just have to coordinate your hands while adjusting both sticks.

Short answer: You can’t.

Longer answer: You are not able to walk backwards on PS.

Seriously, while you can spin the camera around while walking, running, etc., walking backwards, or side to side, is just not something we can do on console. The character is always going to turn and face the direction headed. Unless target lock is on of course.


You can do it in 1st person view, but otherwise you can’t. Same issue on Xbox

I’m still confused because I routinely do this with a ps5 controller on pc and did it in my ps4 days. If you can’t now, I would put in a bug report because I have helped run down controller bugs with FC before and they need eyes on this to report issues. Its not intended to have gimped movement on consoles vs PC. If it is, report it so it can be corrected.

Bummer. Ok thanks.

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