I bought the game but cannot stand the movement aspect

I thought it would be similar to Conan Unchained, but I think I’ll have to use a game controller instead of mouse and keys.

Character only moves left/right, back/forth. :frowning:

Wish I could get my money back… oh well.

Which directions are missing? Up/Down? We can climb, jump, crouch, roll, swim and dive.

I remapped my keyboard to better suit my left-handedness, and it seems to be working just fine. My budget-option controller feels much clumsier than the mouse/keyboard which I use.


I think you are not understanding the movement controls…

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I don’t think any of us are understanding your difficulty. Conan Exiles controls the same as virtually every FPS and over-the-shoulder game does: W & S move you forward and back, A & D strafe left and right (and can be combined with W & S to zig-zag), Shift sprints, and you use the mouse to change your heading since you run in the direction you’re looking.

Perhaps you should point to a video showing what it was you’re expecting, because your complaint makes no sense from a mouse & keyboard standpoint.


That’s handled thru whichever store you purchased the game thru, i.e. Steam, etc. Funcom doesn’t actually retail it themselves and has no control over such transactions. I know with Steam, as long as you’ve played a game for less than 2 hours you can usually get a refund with no hassle.

press W and move your mouse to the left or right. it’s like in most of the fps games a combination of keypresses and mouse movement

Now that I think of it, maybe they’re stuck in Vanity camera mode.

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You know, I bet you’re right!

@Verrada: If you’re still here, go into the Settings > Keybindings, scroll down to Miscellaneous, and see what you have the Vanity Camera bound to.

When Vanity Camera is activated, the direction in which you’re moving stays fixed and the mouse will swivel the camera about so you can take screenshots. (It’s also handy to toggle on/off quickly as a chase cam when fleeing from something big and scary.) Anyway, when your movement gets locked, try pressing that key to see if it lets you use mouselook to turn your character properly.

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