Dune Movie Coming Out

Guys…how did we miss this perfect opportunity here? Do you hate money? Come with some sort of news on the project, a teaser…something. You can thank me later for this strategic idea.

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Maybe they don’t have anything to reveal at this point? Looking at Funcom’s Press Releases page, nothing interesting is going on. It’s still an unnamed, unnannounced “Dune Survival game” that is “still a few years away” (April 2020). Building up too much hype too early is not necessarily a great strategic idea (see e.g. Cyberpunk 2077, Mass Effect Andromeda or, well, Duke Nukem Forever).


Also, it might be a good idea to see if the movie flops first before they put too much of an effort into associating themselves with it. :wink:


It looks interesting… It just seems like it would need to be a 6-8hour movie if they wanna cover even basics. XD

I noticed other day Dune forum was missing…


It’s got a pretty big cast and I think it looks awesome, but it’s hard to predict how well it will be received

I do agree with not hyping a project too early, as all that hype can burn out long before the game release


My biggest worry is Warner Brothers doing a bad job of promoting it so it doesn’t get enough eyeballs and then using that as an excuse to not greenlight the second half.


I’ve only seen the trailers that I’ve specifically looked up so I can understand that worry.

WB has its fair share of issues

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My biggest worry about the movie is that it might end up being crap. But then again, you don’t wanna listen to me, because I happen to think that Peter Jackson’s LotR was a steaming pile of crap, too. :man_shrugging:


Flagged for offensive speech.

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You got that right. Only time I watch those movies is when I want a nap.


I don’t think it’s even possible to make a bad Dune movie…

Oh wait…

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The Lord of the Rings is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential film series ever made. It was a major financial success and is among the highest-grossing film series of all time with $2.991 billion in worldwide receipts. Each film was critically acclaimed, with high praise for their innovative special effects, acting, set design, musical score, and emotional depth, and heavily awarded , the series winning 17 out of its 30 Academy Award nominations.

Sorry you feel that way. Personally I loved the movie trilogy.
Yes I read the books.
Yes I realize they left things out.

Let me know when you create/produce a movie and get 30 nominations and make a few billion dollars.


Yeah. That one. For starters :laughing:

Even if I wasn’t a picky bastard with a penchant for “offensive language”, my fear would be quite justifiable: Dune is extremely hard to adapt. There’s way too much going on beneath the surface of what can be easily portrayed on screen.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to love the movie. Every time I watch a movie adaptation of one of my favorite literary works, I always hope it’ll be awesome. It’s just that experience taught me to also fear it’ll be crap.

It’s not about what they left out. It’s not about stuff like the Elves at the Helm’s Deep, either. It’s about what Jackson, Boyens and Walsh did to the characters, and the nuance of the story.

I don’t know who deemed it necessary to turn Merry and Pippin into clowns. I don’t know who deemed it necessary to add unnecessary “depth” to Aragorn by making him “afraid of the weakness of his lineage”. I don’t know who deemed it necessary to let the Council of Elrond devolve into a ridiculous shouting match. I don’t know who deemed it necessary to add such “innovative special effects” to Galadriel’s temptation before the One Ring.

Whoever it was has the same notions of subtlety as Michael Bay.

Really? The next time you join the rest of us in criticizing Conan Exiles, should I ask you to first prove you can develop a major multiplayer multi-platform game? :wink:

I mean, you could say that my taste in movies sucks and I would be okay with that. After all, it’s just taste. I’ve got my reasons for thinking Jackson’s adaptation is a steaming pile of crap, you’ve got your reasons for loving it. :slight_smile:


This is your problem. You have a vivid imagination and after reading the books, preconceived what everyone should look like, act like, etc.
I have that same problem. I can honestly say that 99% of the movies I have seen based on books I have read are a disappointment.
Merry and Pippin were “mischievous” in the books as well as the movies. I would not say they were clowns.
Someone who is “afraid of the weakness of his lineage” may wander the lands as a ranger, instead of claiming his heritage as the inheritor of one of middle earths greatest family. Makes sense to me.
The council of Elrond devolved into a shouting match, O M G!
Galadriel was an after thought in the books, but in the movies they brought her to the forefront in amazing detail. What is wrong with that?
The next time I say Conan Exiles is a “steaming pile of crap” you can have me ostracized and beheaded.
And FYI. . . . . your taste in movies sux.

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I liked that movie. I mean, sure it had some problems and I wouldn’t exactly rank it among the best, but believe me I’ve seen far worse.

As for TLotR, those were pretty good. There’s always going to be somebody who doesn’t like it, and that’s fine if they genuinely just don’t like something as long as they’re not actively trying to make everybody else not like it either. There’s no need for everyone to all share the same opinions on everything, nor would you want them to.

As far as the new Dune movie is concerned though, I don’t have high hopes for it. Or for that matter, anything in general coming out of Hollywood right now. Their storytelling skills have been quite subpar lately. There are several reasons why this is, but I’ll clue you in on just one of them here.

Some family was binge watching Star Trek: Discovery recently. Every time I walked into the room on my way to the kitchen or to go outside or something, the ship was blowing up. EVERY. TIME. I’d be shocked if the crew on that ship managed to go take a piss without having the toilet explode with enough force to be heard all the way on the other side of the delta quadrant.


Yes, mischievous. Light-hearted. That’s precisely what bothers me, that Jackson wasn’t capable of portraying those qualities without reducing those two to a comic relief role.

Sure, if you completely disregard Tolkien’s explanation of why Aragorn wandered the lands as a ranger. It’s in the Appendix A of the Lord of the Rings.

Yeah, I guess it’s totally fine if some of the wisest people of Middle Earth – some of whom have lived for millenia and some of whom are freaking angels – get together to discuss what should be done with the greatest threat of their age, and suddenly start behaving like this:


It’s crass.

Probably :laughing:

Again, it’s fine if you like it. I didn’t like it and I feel like I have good reasons for that. These four things I mentioned were just a sample, there’s more in that vein, and it all has to do with lack of subtlety and nuance, and with Jackson’s desire to “improve” what didn’t need any improvement. I’m perfectly fine with people not caring for that stuff as much as I did :slight_smile:

But I’ll shut up now and stop derailing the thread.


Just one last thing. . . . lol.

The whole point of this scenario is to show the evil power the one ring had over everyone’s minds.
Even the perfect “angels”.

Just think of all of the people that watched and loved the movies, but did not read the books, including young children.
I think that the producers had this in mind when they created the movies, realizing that not everyone read “Appendix A” in the book.
My biggest disappointment of the series was that they did not show the hobbits retaking the Shire at the Battle of Bywater. That did not lesson my love of the movies.

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It all boils down to opinion. 1st dune movie was from 75 or 76 if i member right.

This is Logans Run era. Pre Star Wars even. The story was conveyed well. The acting believable. I enjoyed it.

Same with LOTR.

Its all just an opinion, and not wrong or right. It is just what you like as an individual. If everybody like and disliked the exact same things, what a boring place we would be in…


The difference in David Lynch’s Dune and LotR is that Dune doesnt think you need all the details to tell the story (if you do, you can read the book) but LotR felt the need to give every boring detail with incessant whining “we must go on mr frodo!” gag