Dungeon boss respawn indicator and PvP/PvE state indicator at PvE-C server

You play with your friend, enter a dungeon in order to kill it’s boss. When you arrive to boss you notice that it’s already dead and you need to either wait for unknown time or leave dungeon.

Something needs to be done in order to get rid of following things:

  1. Game forcing you to wait for unknown amount of time (today we gave up after 20 mins at 1304 Pve-C Dregs)
  2. Compulsory asking in Global chat: “Is anyone killing x boss, has anyone killed it recently?”
  3. Needless traveling to dungeon for nothing.

Articles 1,2 and 3 could be fixed by giving player a debuff for participating in boss kill. This debuff would make a new, respawning boss’s presence deal so much dot damage to player that it would be unhealable with potions and player would be forced to exit dungeon and run it again only after debuff is over. This way everyone who is heading to dungeon could be certain that there is a boss in there for them to fight. No waiting. No uncertainty whether the trip is useless or not. No fear of having to wait for a long time for a respawn. Single max lvl person could not keep farming or assisting bosskills due to debuff being active for him.

  1. Knowing if pvp is on or off. From my opinion in PvE-C server the pvp should always be on but players could not destroy buildings. Currently I have tried to attack players. Sometimes it works, sometimes they everyone is in godmode. We do not have time to watch and calculate timezones. A simple icon indicator or permanent pvp setting would fix this 4th article.

Edit: I learned that going to Settings->Server Settings when logged into server gives you some data that allows you to see if you are pvp-enabled or not.
So this covers section 4.

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