Dungeon bosses don't move

Hello! I just started the game and it is amazing, but some of the bugs are just… Meh. Yesterday me and my husband went to the Sunken city, we both were followed by a thrall and a horse. In every boss encounter we got the same bug: the boss does his wombo combo attack and then doesn’t move, just watches us without any will for living. Our thralls were chilling around, too: sometimes they didn’t teleport in the dungeon instance, and if they did, they just stayed still, moving further after a while.

It was kinda a big disappointment, the dungeon is so stunning and atmospheric, but those staying still bosses broke all the feeling.

Is it because of the horses? I noticed that mobs usually aggro on poor animals. Or is it because of thralls?

The Queen mini dungeon was stuck the same way. We prepared for an epic fights with those vast statues and… Nothing happened. Clicking dummy instead of the big scary boss.

PC, solo game with an invitation, sometimes we swap the host machine between our PCs by sending Game.db and ConanSandbox files

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Can I add to this they glitch too.

The mother dragon, Lich King have both just vanished mid fight over the last week and the witch queen glitched through the wall and on second attempt back through the rooms front barrier meaning you had to restart the dungeon to get out of the the room

There are sadly many of these bugs, since the Siptah update I see more of them again, before that it was kinda OK. Bosses seem to especially like to bug out and not move anymore, I don’t think it’s your horse that causes the bosses to stop working correctly though sometimes I have the feeling the target priority of enemies is a bit messed up since they often try to chase the horse first even though you yourself ran face first into the boss.
My thralls behave weirdly as well, I posted this in the bug section a while ago after the Siptah update, for some reason they do not put their weapon away and if you manuall take it away from them and place it in their inventory they start dont use it at all anymore and sometimes stop walking completely.

The Siptah update is still in early access and hasn’t gotten big bug fix updates yet so hopefully soon we will get one that tries to iron out those issues (without introducing even more).

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