Thralls are moving on their own...spooky

Last week or so, I’ve had a few of my thralls / pets move quite a bit from where they were placed. Even being outside after they were placed inside and vice-versa. Horse surprised me by being on the second floor of my base when he was placed in the stable outside. lol. No combat anywhere near base, so they weren’t moving to protect anything. I play on SP. Anyone know what might be causing this?

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They can’t run away if they don’t have legs.

Just sayin’.


I’ve had that happen a lot too. Sometimes they disappear altogether and the only way to get them back is to use the “Rescue” function. Thats fun.

While I am not sure what is causing this issue @St.Michael, I also have this issue. Not sure which platfrom you are on, but I am also a Singleplayer (ps4). I have reported it in the thread below.

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My problem with the thralls is they don’t want to do anything just remove them if your gonna keep going down this road funcom and yes they keep moving on their own for me too it’s like every 10 minutes sometimes i see one taking off not even going after anything at all just want to go on there own way and do their own thing lol

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