Dungeon challanges [videos]

Inb4 fail attempt of making the forum more alive :smiley:

Bunch of challanges done trough the years. Reckon theres new players on the forums that havent seen all the nicest dungeons in the game. Heres some of them done with a twist to make it more challanging for us :slight_smile:

Slithering Chaos - Mastertimer - 6m35s

Kang Pagoda - 3man - Tos,Guard,DT

Jade dugout - 2man

Vortex HM - 2man - Guard + BS

Seplucher of the wyrm Jarl Kosh - 2man - Guard + bs

Ardashir fort General arman - 2man - DT + bs

Tianan district 4man within timetrial - Guard + bs + pom + tos

Leave a comment if u have any suggestion of a doable (but hard) challange :slight_smile:


Good to see those videos here!

I both support AND tag this thread for future reference for fellow guildies!

Thanks for putting these up here, the intro to the Tianan was really funny! I’ve heard that song before, but I will never listen to “come and get your love” the same anymore!


I really love your videos Moriala, have watched them all and your challange videos actually encouraged me to try the same for various dungeons with a few friends whenever we didn’t have a full group :smiley:

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nice to hear, thanks for the kind words :)!

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3man slithering chaos and some random trickzz


I knew it! It’s possible to do it with only 3 people! I did it a few months ago with 4 people in a PUG group since we couldn’t find people, that was really awesome. And I didn’t know you could RESIST his hits (I knew Bewilder / Fangs does not work but resisting… didn’t think they would count as “spell” that does melee damage lol), also that smite interrupting you guys did when clicking is a cool way to avoid some damage :smiley:
Awesome video!

btw: I love that artwork xD

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The hitrating of the boss seems very low, in this video i only resist 2 spells, but in average i resist 4-5 per fight, thats quite huge survivaladdition.

Awesome, and really nice that you all share how and what and why you do /it. One can learn a lot from watching this. Plus, it just looks badass.