Unconquered Purist Run [Video series]

Me and some old friends decided to make a purist run, and throw in unconquered in there aswell for extra panic and anxiety. will make a youtube series following the progression of the group and the dungeons we tackle untill we are done, or untill we die and fail the mission. we all know that watching failure is the best thing in life so dont miss it when we eventually fail :unamused:

Also, If anyone has insider info on some of the dungeons or zones, deathtraps/mechanics that can be deadly please share!

Episode 1 - Demonic bat

Episode 2 - Bubshur House

Episode 3 - Black Castle

Episode 4 - Sanctum

Episode 5 - Cradle of decay

Episode 6 - Toirdealbach’s tomb



Black Castle: Rolling Boulder when entering the upper floor can wipe those, going thru the door late (like Ardashir Rhino)
Some fights in here can take long - especially last with all the adds and you wont get OOC Regen. this might mess hots and caster dps up and could lead to a wipe when fighitng the boss at mid when adds keep spawning -> consider 1 point in Ether Theft on BS (or light of Mitra, but you wanna spec Vengenance first i guess)
after the fire trap (the one where you need to put weight on 4 plates) - which can 1 shot you of course - remember to fight the eye symbols on the walls near the ceiling or else they can kill you too.

Sanctum: dont get the quest near the sanctum from the necromancer (curse of flies) which would be a prerequisite for another sanctum quest. the quest randomly bugs and can make you get 1 shot by the curse of flies

ardashir arena: 1 shot mechanic on at least 1 boss; some hard fights over all, if you dont know the mechanics - which i dont know all that well ^^

cistern: dog boss stuns for a few seconds, make sure your casters dont get eaten
DT/bomberman boss: the bombs can 1 shot you, places a fear banner at certain % threshold which can make you run either in the bomb or in the poison traps; make sure to kill adds in a bigger radius than you’d normally do before pulling the boss; the gargyles hit pretty hard, so avoid them or activate and kill them carefully. if the layout of the posion traps is bad (they sometimes occupy adjacent squares) you can pull and reset the boss which also alters the layout of the traps

Main System: 2 bosses charm players -> the alchemist boss and the left of the 3 casters in final room. final boss hits like a truck, be ready to kite or pull aggro as non tank

Catacombs: conq boss enrages (lumbering hulk like) which is easy to avoid, but can be dangerous if for some reason an urn gets destroyed and kicks the target of enraged boss -> kill urns before pull.
Activate particles on 2nd last boss (hox), places a dangerous fire pit!

better dont jump over the lava in AoK :wink:

have fun

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Toirdealbach is very dangerous, because one of her cast is a small radius aoe that puts a dot that almost kills a tank of that level, and will definitely kill any squishy that gets caught in it.
I don’t remember the name of that cast though, so i’d recommend to make a test with a lvl 80 1st.

Also, don’t forget to clear the area, because you will have to move around a lot.


I had some time to spare, so I made a quick run with one of my HoX. The cast is Toirdealbach’s Poison, which is cast very often.
Also, about the 2nd boss, you probably want to fight it near the pillar, to break line of sight on the Charm. I didn’t do that, and I got almost killed.

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Thanks for the advice and info, will come in handy

Updated with Episode 2 Bubshur House Epic and Episode 3 Black castle :slight_smile:

updated with episode 4 - Sanctum

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updated with episode 5 - cradle

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hey Mori excellent videos! Keep up the good work!

While i was watching i notice u have some kind of buff tracker active. i’ll post a ss. How do you activate it. Can u choose what buffs is tracking? How many can it track? Can it track debuffs as well?

Thank you in advance


Its made in flash, in theory you can track anything that has a buff/debuff-id i assume. I didnt make it myself and i dont know how to make it, some of the ones made is part of strange ui.

Episode 6


Episode 7


can u share it?

Episode 8


Why does party leader has icon unconq 50 then he’s a 63llvl, does he forgot to change the icon or he lost uncoq ?

Just didnt change it, will post a pic here later :slight_smile:


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Up and going again after a break