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Does a lower number increase or decrease durability on weapons and armor. And what is default thanks very much.

Each item has different durability depending on a few factors. However i just check the wiki for such info…


For weapons and shield you can click on the durability column header to sort. Click again to reverse the sort order. Armour is a little more fiddly, as you need to click them individually to get that info.

There are also durability upgrades for weapons and armor:
Reinforcement kits are +50, +100 and +150 durability.

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NOTE: Exceptional has more durability usually, and flawless has even more :wink:

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Thank you @dakka that is good information I didn’t know. Will be put to use. I realize I didn’t mention durability in game settings on my server. Was in hurry at work turned out lower durability multiplier weapons and armor hold up better. Had some complaints earlier ty again

Oh server settings…sorry didn’t understand properly…my bad. So long as you worked it out all good :slight_smile:

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