Dying after killing a creature larger than yourself

Game mode: [Online | Single player | PvE]
Problem: [Bug]

Hello it’s Reptar again! I updated the game and ran like usual and went on my boss hunt route. I killed the Rhino King near Semp then died when I ran through the body to harvest. I tested this with multiple creatures i.e humans, shellbacks, rhinos, and scorpions, and big cats. Each time I ran through I body that was larger than me I died instantly and when I respawned it’s said “you were killed by falling through the world”. Sand reapers same thing. I have to creep up to the slain creatures and try to harvest them but if I touch them I die. I can take an Xbox clip and show more if not reciprocated through this text! Anything to help this bug I really think you guys did Conan justice with this game but right now I can barley play it because of this issue. I like slaying my creatures up close and personal like Conan! Please help!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Kill creature larger than me
  2. Run up to harvest it
  3. If my character is within slain creatures body immediately die

Yeah I feel that also falling thru the map -_- sorry if I should post here but new to forums haha

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Ditto. Have fallen through the map and killed several times while harvesting after a fight. This just started happening after the patch update.

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Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon guys and they actually respond to this!

Yeah fingers crossed man! I got stuff to farm this map falling thru is a killer :joy:

Hi @RejectedReptar, this issue has been introduced with the latest patch due to a few of the most aggressive exploit fixes that were released, which we’ll try to fine-tune and perfect with the next hotfix.

Apologies for the frustration caused.


Can confirm. Happened to me as well with rhino king

Temporary fix brought up along another forum page here if you are a solo player enable yourself to be admin and turn off drop all loot on death has worked out for me so far and others :slight_smile:

This does beg the question as to why there are ANY anti-exploit/undermeshing checks being made in a single player game whatsoever? You’re concerned that single players are going to be exploiting themselves?

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You have to buy a server for that correct?? Will all my stuff still be there?? I have a lot of Thralls I can’t use because of minion cap and I want to see if what you suggested fixes it temporarily till the hot fix

Dying randomly when running across the world and entering caves now and still dying to corpses. When I respawn it’s the same “you were killed by falling through the world”. Just updating the situation. It’s getting really bad…

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