Dying and respawning but can't initiate combat

I have had this happen twice now. I die and change my spawn location and when I come back into the game I can’t initiate combat, I also can’t equip any two handed weapons. This is on a server so it could be a server bug. I try to change my key bindings and they change but they dont stick. Its like I cant save them to the server. I can run, swim, climb, it feels like the mouse inputs have gone haywire but the mouse works for everything else, just not combat. I also cant change my hot keys to initiate combat as well. I can be attacked I just can’t swing a weapon. Dying again does not fix the issue, neither does logging out and back in.


Close this please, I added it to the other people I found having similar issues.

Hello everyone all u gotta do is remove everything from your weapon wheel reset the game and equip the weapons again