Dying in your sleep and living to tell the tale

Game mode: Online official #1735
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: US

Several times now, I have died at home, in my own bed, when logging in.
Each time, the client took an unusually long time to load in the world and begin rendering.
While this is mostly harmless, if you are actually AT your bed like a normal person and can immediately pick up all your belongings, this could be a drastic equipment loss if your bed/bedroll and body are NOT near each other.

it is not currently known if it is specifically tied to beds; each time it has happened to me and my wife we were at home in/on our beds, but it COULD simply be a death processing each time the client takes an unusual amount of time to load.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log out in your house on your bed
  2. Exit client
  3. Open client
  4. Log in
  5. If the login takes an exceedingly long time to begin rendering the world, wait for client to finish loading into the game world
  6. Observe whether you are dead immediately upon login

Can replicate

This happened to me as well this morning upon logging into private server. I like wise was on a bed. Also all stationed Thralls were reset to an albino naked template.

Running Mods - YES: 1369802940,897947497,1999965238,877108545,1159180273,1657730588,1403991684,880177231,1382183303,901911361,1629644846,931088249,1843153194,1502970736,1966733568,1369743238,1769330369,1444947329

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Just a quick followup. The Stationed Thrall naked thing corrected itself upon relog.

Hasn’t happened to me but almost everytime a clan mate of mine logs in he dies and respawns in the desert.

He is at a different base, on a bed that is not bound to him.
Has happened about 10 out of 12 times since the latest patch.
Event log says “insert name here was killed” not by anything, just killed.

“Also all stationed Thralls were reset to an albino naked template.”

This happens until the client finishes loading the proper textures for the entity in question; until then, the default texture is used, which is the naked Witcher lookin’ dude.

IMO this lends more credence to the theory that it’s a loading issue.

To further amplify that thought, I watched a stuck lion (stuck in some plant geometry) be stuck and ignore me until he died. If the game, when it detects two merged/stuck entities, starts doing damage to them until 1 of them dies and despawns, that is one way to resolve the issue - and could be happening to the PC, stuck standing vertically inside the bed until the client finishes loading and properly positions them laying down.

Sort of happened to me… I happened to be mounted on a horse near my bed roll when the server crashed. It didn’t seem to take a long time but when I logged back in I was naked on my bedroll and my corpse was under the horse where I had been when the server went down.

I also immediately die while logging in on my bed. Definitely started happening after Followers-II patch.

This also happens to me on an official server. Everytime I login I die. This time I did not log in right away and ALL my stuff was gone. This really needs to be fixed.

Game mode: [Online private, modded]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [EU]

My character dies on login. After the loadscreens I see the daily server message and my character dies, falls down and leaves a corpse marker in his bed.
This happens since the new update, it never(!) happened to me before. It also does not happen to other players on my server and it does not happen at the other places on the map I tried.

I removed already all heat sources in the vicinity, even candles and a Khitan lamp (I am aware that items above or below the bed can affect the character). I pushed a thrall near the bed farther away and removed some other placeables that were near the bed. After this, I was able to login alive twice, but the next times I died again.

As it does happen only in this exact place, I am sure that it can not be easily reproduced :frowning:

As it is a private server where we keep equipment on death, it is more a nuisance than a gamebreaking bug, but I still would like to see it fixed.
Waking up besides one’s own corpse is not healthy :wink:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Login
  2. Die
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Another user reported something like this. You might be able to find answers or at least a sympathetic ear in this thread
Dying in your sleep and living to tell the tale

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I need more info :slight_smile:
If you log out and in you die? If so don’t read any further that’s just weird.
Does it happen in all places?
In what biome is your house located?
What is your base made out of?
What clothes are you wearing?
Do you have vitality 2 perk?

Yes, I log in and die at my spawn point (bed) when I log out on that bed.

It does not happen in several other places where I logged out

My house is between the desert and the highlands, above Shattered Basin.

Base is made out of Yamatai building pieces.

Heavy Epic Stygian Armor and a Commander’s helmet.

Yes, I have that perk.

BTW, the Event log tells me that I died, but no reason why… :cry:

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Hmm i just went to single player and went there thinking it might be to cold then but no that cant be it.
I have another idea. Could it be fall damage related? Is your bed far above the unbuild ground? The patch has some fall damage related issues might this be one as well?

this happened to me too, on my bed. PvE official US server.
Luckily, the game loaded showing where I was and my gear was retrievable.

Since I changed my bed from the default double bed to the argossian bed it does not happen now. I still take off all my stuff before bed though, which sucks.

Someone in my discord server has been testing this for some time now as he dies while sleeping or loading in on a regular basis.

Something he came across was actually a pretty neat work around to ensure he spawns in with all his gear.

This only works on PVE! He placed a battle standard near his bed and enables PvP before logging out. When he logs in if he died, he has all of his gear because the battle standard makes it so that you do not lose your equipment on death if you are in PvP mode at the battle standard.


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