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I have a private PvP server set up with 24/7 PvP with Dynamic Building Damage enabled. There are no restricted PvP or Building Damage times. We just discovered that after our automatic server restarts that the raid protection is being removed. Only after a player/clan logs back in, then out, after a restart do they pick the protection up.

For example:

Clan A logs in, logs out on Day 1. Their protection starts 60 minutes after logging out. Clan A buildings cannot be damaged. Server restarts, Clan A does not log in, buildings can be damaged. Clan A logs in, then logs out, and after their 60 minute cooldown, their building can no longer be damaged.

When discovered, we tested this on multiple clans, verifying what clans had logged in since last restart versus which ones had not. Clans that had logged in, but who should have raid protection, could not be damaged. Clans who had not logged in since the last restart could be damaged.

We love the possibilities with the Dynamic Building Damage system and have dedicated a server to 24/7 PvP with this setting on. This basically kills the whole point of the server. I really hope Funcom is supporting this feature and not just teasing us with it :slight_smile:

If more detail is needed I’m happy to provide whatever I can. Thanks.

Jeeez. No wonder they decided not to turn DBD on at the last minute. They must have known this was an issue and don’t know how to fix it. sigh This game is so frustrating.

What’s particularly galling about this Funcom fail is that, prior to siptah, I was playing on a server where the admin of that server had spent months writing his own mod that implemented his own offline raid protection system. That server died because of the siptah release, though I’m not sure of the exact reason.

Yikes! I’d hate to be that guy and the time wasted.

It would be nice if they said they weren’t implementing DBD because of X, Y, and Z known issues. They basically pulled it last minute without really giving any reasoning. Heck, they’re whole launch of Siptah had communication problems.

Anyways, it seems like the system works as it should for us, but for this issue. If server restart is causing the problem, I would imagine (in my laymen opinion) that this should be a relatively easy fix. IDK.

Yeah, I never spoke with him directly about why, but the comments he made publicly led me to believe it was either directly because DBD was announced two months after he finished his mod or because the large number of changes to the devkit/game “undid” a lot of the work he had done.

@Ignasi Can we please get some sort of update in the near future on the status of DBD? Has the team had a chance to replicate the behavior reported in any of the various tickets filed against this feature? If so, where does addressing any confirmed issues fall in terms of priority with respect to other issues/features?

It really sucks for people to setup private servers expecting they’ll be able to utilize this new feature, only to discover it’s not working correctly and then not know if addressing the issues is something that Funcom expects to do in the short term, medium term or never.

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Good info. Very thorough walk thru.

Have you tried a band aid until they can fix this?

Can you test a theory for that?

Have raid time go off and then back on between server restarts.
See if you get the same effect of DBD turning “Off”.
If it does not effect DBD timers, then a band aid would be to have raid time have a start 15 minutes after server restart, and end 15 minutes before.

Like this
Building damage on from 00:15 until 23:45, and server restart be at 00:00.[example only]

Again, only if this does not reset it like the server restart does, then you can use it to band aid and have the DBD on.

If it does reset trying this, then, well, I tried :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion - I may give that a try this weekend when I’ve got some more testing time. For now I’m just going to leave automatic restarts off. It gives me a good excuse to also see how long our server can go before performance degradation. But I’ll for sure look into that here sometime to see if there’s any correlation between Building Damage On/Off and the DBD raid protection. Appreciate it!

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Update - enabling the raid window system effectively removed the DBD raid protection, period, from what I saw. So trying to add a raid window where building damage turns off before server reset, then turns back on after reset, thus trying to game whatever was making raid protection come off, did not work. In fact, while there was supposed to be raid protection due to building damage going off after a certain time, did not work - you could still damage buildings outside raid window. There is definitely something hosed up here.

The closest we can get DBD to work, is utilizing DBD as the ONLY raid system, and just avoid server restarts until you have to…

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