Ease of loading & Emersion

I do know know what PhysX-CPU means, but I would like it off my screen. Its a real emersion breaker.

Loading screens:

Everyone wants to get in and play, not wait minutes for advertising to do its thing.

A simple space bar used to go past them, but Noooooo, with the update WE are forced to stare at them, and beat the keyboard trying to get past them.

Unreal, I dont even like your engine, sucks with video cards you buy and cant use.
Why does you screen have to be on so long, and where is the space bar.

Nvidia, you suck buttermilk. Bought your product, spent 12 hours on the phone just to be told that card will not work with the unreal engine. Yet some use that card with the magic combo of windows and drivers. Yet I have to look at your screen and can not space though it.
While a brand new Nvidia card sits in the box, in the closet.

Funcom, gee yours space bars fast.

We dont even like the movie any more, beating the space bar, ESC, and mouse sometimes gets you only to look at the fist minute or so.

We paid for the game, and a server. We should not be held back form playing for advertising NONE of us care about. We already have computers, and they all run just fine.

I will never play another Unreal engined game, nor buy and Nvidia product.
Hope your happy

I tried giving some workaround/fix options on Cannot Skip Glitchy Game Intro .

I would appreciate feedback on which work and which do not :slight_smile:


See it never hurts to ask :neutral_face: