Ease up on the furniture Chapter 2

Hello Devs

Just wanted to suggest something about the new loot system. Firstly, thank you for the change. But I did notice after a run I’ve come back with 100s of furniture items. Now I’m thinking that the new loot is different and interesting but in a game where lag is a problem (because we have placed too many items around the base), is it a great idea to overload us with furniture items?

Meh. I’d say toss them in a dismantling bench if you’ve already got all you want.


The furniture could be a nice way for people to acquire items they don’t have access to yet. Not that big of a benefit, but as Glurin said you can recycle the stuff for the raw materials which can sometimes be nice.

This one agrees.
This one opens a medium chest and finds…
4 beds!
3 framed works of art!
All of which are bulkier than the materials they are crafted from.

While this one applauds the removal of stone and branches from chests, this one hopes the current version is not the final version.

The new coin count is good, but having both loose coins and a coin pouch to the open is a bit tedious.
Perhaps coin pouches should drop from enemies while loose coins are in chests.

Refined materials are a good chest filler, as are finished goods, but a set of 6 ceramic jars isn’t more exciting than a pile of rocks.

This one agrees that they should ease up on the furniture and maybe put more clothing back in the chests.

That said, this one thinks the loot changes are an excellent step in the correct direction. It could just use a bit more fine tuning.


Yes! This is what the game needs to focus on more instead of PvP fighting. If you don’t want it, don’t pick it up.

Kiahonfire recently made a video talking about this stuff.

Apparently, there’s also an old twitch reward (questionable cauldron) mixed in the loot pool. I hope they would do the same with all of the old twitch rewards.


The Questionable Cauldron is not a Twitch reward, it was from the original Grave Matters test event. It was later added to the base game as one of the Forgotten Furnishings, which can be learned from a journal at the Palace of the Witch Queen.


Thank u so much for clarifying this! I personally thought it was an old item from the bazaar and only saw one player with it in her base. But Kia said that it was an old twitch drop so I thought this was the case.

I guess I have to go to the Palace of the Witch Queen tonight and get the recipe. :+1:

It’s not inside the witch queens lair, it’s up above it on that platform where the wolf creatures are. Look for it on the floor of the balcony area. It’s an old book on the ground.


Thank u kindly sir! I couldn’t go online tonight so I will definitely try to find it tomorrow.

Happy weekend!

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