Economy 1.1, wtf funcom

So um, because unconquered still has no official forums im forced to complain here. Do you guys have any idea how basic economy works? You seriously publish a game with day 1 DLC? Why do you keep shooting yourself in the foot? Do you not realise that by doing these kind of things your playerbase is dropping? The only thing that is currently saving your ■■■■ is youtubers the somehow keep patching the holes you keep making over and over again. Cosmetic DLCs, character DLCs, content DLCs… 9.99 9.99 9.99. Even a child knows that this is a path that ultimately leads to slow and painful death. If you released these DLC for free you would get much more money in return because people would buy and support your game. The community would grew larger thus more and more people playing and buying the game…how do you not see that?

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